Windows 10: messenger wont play video

Discus and support messenger wont play video in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Hi I have purchased a new laptop running windows 10 and now messenger plays video with a black screen audio is fine any suggestions?... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by DarrenBessant3391, Sep 11, 2019 at 5:02 AM.

  1. messenger wont play video

    Hi I have purchased a new laptop running windows 10 and now messenger plays video with a black screen audio is fine any suggestions?

    DarrenBessant3391, Sep 11, 2019 at 5:02 AM

  2. Wont play video files

    Hello Connor,

    For us to better assist you, we'd like to know the following:

    • Confirm which build is currently installed on your device. To check, follow the steps below:
    • Press Windows key + R, then type in winver.
    • Click OK.
    • Where did you obtain the said editing software?
    • What is the file extension of the videos you were trying to play?
    • What application were you using to play these video files?
    • Were there any recent changes made prior to this issue?

    We look forward to your response.

    Melchizedek Qui, Sep 11, 2019 at 5:05 AM
  3. Amit_Sun Win User
    video not playing


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    1. May I know, which video player you are using to play the video?
    2. Are you able to play the video on any other computer?
    3. Are you facing the issue with only specific video or with all the other videos?

    This issue could also occur when the USB or SD card is corrupted when you have transferred the video.

    Try the troubleshooting methods provided below to further narrow down the root cause of the issue.

    Method 1: Try a different video player.

    1. Try to use a different USB to transfer the video, if you are playing it on other computer or device.
    2. I suggest you to try a different video player and check if it plays.
    3. You can also check on different device or computer.

    Step: Run Windows Media player troubleshooter.

    1. Press Windows + R key on your keyboard together.
    2. Copy and paste the below command and run each at a time and follow the onscreen instruction on the troubleshooter
    3. msdt.exe -id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic
    4. msdt.exe -id WindowsMediaPlayerLibraryDiagnostic
    5. msdt.exe -id WindowsMediaPlayerDVDDiagnostic
    6. Reboot the computer and check.
    If you still face the issue, reply to this post with more information.

    Hope it helps,

    Amit Sunar

    Microsoft Community – Moderator
  4. Rose Ter Win User

    messenger wont play video

    videos not playing

    Hi Tracy,

    There’s a possibility that there are changes in the video configuration of your device after the last Windows update.
    For us to isolate the issue, we will need to ask you a few questions:

    • Are you trying to play the video files using a browser or an app?
    • Are you getting any error messages?
    • What specific troubleshooting steps have you done so far?

    If you are using a browser, you may try to access the video files on a different web browser. Otherwise,
    you may also check the response of Amarjeet1709 on this

    . This will provide you steps on how to run the Video playback troubleshooter and update the display adapters on your device.

    Feel free to contact us if you have further inquiries.

    If you think this was useful, do not hesitate to “mark it as an answer” to help those who are facing the same problem.

messenger wont play video

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