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Discus and support microsoft audio device please in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I reinstalled windows 10 yesterday and now I have no audio devices - how do I install a Microsoft audio device please... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by GeoffBaker1, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. microsoft audio device please

    I reinstalled windows 10 yesterday and now I have no audio devices - how do I install a Microsoft audio device please

    GeoffBaker1, Nov 9, 2018

  2. Audio device

    Hi Rajamannar,

    Welcome to Microsoft Community and thank you for your interest in Windows 10.

    I understand the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will definitely assist you.

    This issue may occur due to the audio and display driver is out dated. Let’s try simple troubleshooting methods and check if it helps in resolving the issue. Follow the below methods information provided.

    Method 1.

    I would suggest you to run sound audio troubleshooter, it will automatically detect the problem and fix it. Follow the below steps.

    • Press Windows key + R and click on
      Control Panel

    • Click on View by: category and click on
      Small icon.

    • Now click on troubleshooting and click on
      Hardware and Sound.

    • Click on Playing Audio and Click on Next button.
    If the issue still persist try the below steps:

    Method 2.

    I recommend you to update the audio driver and check if it helps.

    • Press Windows key + X and select
      Device manager
    • Now click on Audio input and output and right click on it and
      update the driver.
    • For the video issues try the below method.
    Method 3.

    Also I suggest you to update the display driver and let us know the status.

    • Press Windows Key + R and type
      devmgmt.msc in the box and hit Enter.

    • Locate and Expand the Display Adapter driver.

    • Right Click on the Display Device.

    • Click on update.
    Hope this helps. Post us with the status we will be glad to help you.
    Billion Debbarma, Nov 9, 2018
  3. Re-enable audio device


    I would be happy to assist you.

    Before we proceed with troubleshooting, I would need little information on the issue.

    • Are using speakers / head phones to listen to audio?
    If you have disabled the audio device, then you might not see it under the list of playback devices. I would suggest you to follow these steps to make sure you see the disabled devices:

      • Open
        Control panel

      • Click Hardware and Sound and then Click on

      • Under Playback tab, right click on the empty area and make sure
        “Show Disabled Devices” has a check mark on it. If headphones/Speakers are disabled, it will now show up in the list.

      • Right click on the device and
        Enable it. Click OK.
    If the issue still persists, try enabling speakers automatically using steps below.

    • Go to Settings> Click on themes> Advance sound settings> right click on the speakers or the audio device youo have connected > click on
      Configure device.

    • Test the sound level you want, click Next.

    • And configure the audio devices.

    Hope this helps you. Do reply if you need further assistance on Windows 10.

    Thank you.
    Vidyashree_C, Nov 9, 2018
  4. Jessen P Win User

    microsoft audio device please

    Problem with audio devices

    Hi Marcello,

    I appreciate you for trying some steps in order to get the issue resolved.

    If you're connecting to an audio device using USB or HDMI, you might need to set that device as the default.

    Open Start, enter Sound, select it from the list of results, and then, on the
    Playback tab, select a device, then Set Default.

    I would also suggest you to turn off Audio enhancements.

    • Go to Start, enter Sound, and select Sound Control Panel
      from the list of results.

    • On the Playback tab, right-click (or tap and hold) the
      Default Device and select Properties.

    • On the Enhancements tab, select the Disable all enhancements
      check box and try to play your audio device.

    • If that doesn't work, select Cancel and, on the Playback
      tab, select another default device (if you have one), select the Disable all enhancements check box, and try to play audio again. Do this for each default device.
    Please revert if you face any issues with Audio.

    Thank you.
    Jessen P, Nov 9, 2018

microsoft audio device please

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