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Discus and support Microsoft Mail and Calendar App in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I tried to use MS Mail using subject app - and it looked good....except it kept changing my password and wouldn't work. I noticed there was an earlier... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by JohnBurns, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. JohnBurns Win User

    Microsoft Mail and Calendar App

    I tried to use MS Mail using subject app - and it looked good....except it kept changing my password and wouldn't work. I noticed there was an earlier closed thread similar to this, but not current and the solution regarded 3rd party firewall, which is not my case. I am using Windows 10 Creator, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall so there shouldn't be a conflict . But something is screwed up - it just loops each time I get mail set up and changes the password - then mail does not send properly. Has anyone else tried this little jewel? And, does anyone have a suggestion for solution? Thanks!

    JohnBurns, Apr 12, 2017

  2. Cannot set "Calendar" as default app

    I mean if your mail app is the default, calendar app is going to be your default, though you can't select it or choose it from the default calendar selection.

    if mail app is your default, you can test that Calendar app is your default by using cortana to assign an appointment (anything) and if you open Microsoft Calendar app, it should be there.

    That's if you want Microsoft Calendar app to be your default. I have not tried to make other calendar applications to be the default for example google calendar.

    I'm using Microsoft mail and calendar app. that's why it worked for me, since mail and calendar app from Microsoft are the same.

    I think default selection for calendar is not working well, that's an OS problem should be fixed by Microsoft.

    I hope I have helped you.
    AliAbu-Zaina, Apr 12, 2017
  3. W10 Calendar Synching

    Hey Felix, the mail, calendar and people apps are synced service from your online accounts. Add them in mail, calendar or people app settings.

    So for example if you have any Outlook account for Microsoft account, set up your calendar, mail and contacts on it, add it to Mail in Manage Account settings and it will include your Calendar and Contacts (People) in those apps.

    You can also any other Mail, calendar or Contacts you have in online or Office accounts and these will sync to those apps as you choose.
    Greg Carmack - Windows MVP, Apr 12, 2017
  4. Bastet Win User

    Microsoft Mail and Calendar App

    Which account are you trying to set up?
    Has 2 factor/step authentication been set on the account? If so then either you'll require an app specific password or to authorise the set up from one of your other connected devices. When I set up my MS email account I had to authorise the pc from my phone.
    Bastet, Apr 12, 2017
  5. JohnBurns Win User
    Am trying to set up my isp mail (Cox) account (pop) on my pc - I have no other devices (I'm one of probably 12 people in the World without an IPhone - still use old limited call fold phone, but then I am 81 years old. I just quit using my dial phone lol). I use my GMail account to authorize my Microsoft account. Appreciate your reply, but you gave me too much credit for being "with it". *Smile
    JohnBurns, Apr 12, 2017
  6. Bastet Win User
    If it's an ISP email account then I doubt two step authentication is applicable here, have you tried logging in to the web version of your email account? If that works then the problem is with windows mail app not your account - this is the link to sign in to Cox webmail, I hope it's correct Cox Communications - Residential Home
    Bastet, Apr 12, 2017
  7. JohnBurns Win User
    Bastet, thanks for your replies - yes, I can log into my webmail Cox account without any problem. I am currently using Em Client with no problems, so I will stick with it - the smart thing to do, I guess. I just saw the Microsoft Mail app and thought I would try it . Now that I have tried it with no success, I will move on. Btw, about your sig, my cats worshiped me too- one lived to 18 and the other to 22 years old so I had their worship for a long time. Thanks again for your posts.
    JohnBurns, Apr 12, 2017
  8. Bastet Win User

    Microsoft Mail and Calendar App

    I've heard good things about em client, I'd use it as a replacement for Windows Live Mail but there's a cost if you use more than two email accounts.
    All our cats have been rescues from the local animal shelter, all have lived to various ages between 12 & 15. *Smile
    Bastet, Apr 5, 2018

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