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Discus and support Microsoft Outlook email account in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I would like to know how I delete a outlook email account because it has been compromised 69247 Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by pastorhalliday1, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Microsoft Outlook email account

    I would like to know how I delete a outlook email account because it has been compromised

    pastorhalliday1, Nov 7, 2016
  2. garym123 Win User

    Calendar Sync Windows Phone

    With outlook, Hotmail, or as the Microsoft account on the phone the calendar and contacts sync by default. I guessed you already had a outlook, Hotmail, or account already setup as the Microsoft account.

    Like I said, any email address can be used as the Microsoft account, like an email address from Comcast. It has no calendar, just email.

    If you reset the phone, enter this email as the Microsoft account and then add the first outlook, Hotmail, or account you have currently to the phone in settings, email+accounts, add account, Use the outlook add for any of these.

    With this account you will still have you original account contacts and email. You will have the option to not sync the calendar to the phone.

    You do not need another outlook account.

    Even though these accounts come from Microsoft you should not think of them as the "Microsoft account" in settings, email+accounts. The entry in "Microsoft account" on your phone is the main account on your phone and is used in all phone features like app
    garym123, Nov 7, 2016
  3. DNM
    dnm Win User
    How do I get rid of a continual pop up saying 'Exchange activesync policies broker' - it keeps coming up and wanting to 'change my computer'

    My variant was a bit weird. I was trying to test "premium" outlook. In order to do that I read that you should have an outlook email address as Primary. As I had a non-outlook email as primary I reserved and added an outlook email as primary instead for
    that account. However I found out that it a) was only available in the USA b) will not work with two-level domain names. I noticed that the Microsoft Account now displayed the new outlook email address instead of the non-outlook. Also a new account appeared
    in the Microsoft Mail App for the new outlook email address. After a while the popups started (I did not connect the fiddling with Microsoft Account and the popups at the time). Fast forward a bit, after reading about changing from a Microsoft Account to a
    local account, I remembered the new outlook primary address. Also noticed a strange thing in Manage Accounts option for the Microsoft Mail App; the new outlook primary account was listed twice.

    Well, I changed the non-outlook account to primary. Got a popup and accepted it. Then the popups stopped (fingers crossed) and the duplicate Mail account in Manage was removed.
  4. Kari Win User

    Microsoft Outlook email account

    Go to, select Security & Privacy:

    Microsoft Outlook email account [​IMG]

    Select More security settings:

    Microsoft Outlook email account [​IMG]

    If prompted for password, enter it. Browse to bottom of the page, select Close my account:

    Microsoft Outlook email account [​IMG]

    Be sure to read everything on next page before clicking Next:

    Microsoft Outlook email account [​IMG]

    Follow the rest of on-screen instructions to close your account.
    Kari, Nov 7, 2016

Microsoft Outlook email account

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