Windows 10: Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

Discus and support Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; According to this article, Microsoft want to remove a lot of ingame settings, f.i. V-sync control, custom controller setup and other stuff. AMD and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by Burgurne, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Burgurne Win User

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

    Burgurne, Feb 29, 2016

  2. When can we get rid of the Over-Hyped DX12?

    I'm a enthusiastic gamer, I like enjoy high performance of gaming, and I built my computer with a 4-way TTX(maxwell)multi-gpu setup for it. Before your windows 10 and mysterious DX12 came up, everything was sooooo good, most of AAA game is well supported
    by multi-Gpu, every penny I spend on my GPU is worthy, meanwhile the performance boost up is a reward.

    But now, everything is changed, since your over-hyped DX12 came down to the earth, which is absolutely a disaster. No VRAM stack, downgraded performance(for Nvidia at least), zero improvement on graphic quality, hoax of multi-Gpu supporting by different
    vendor, the most miserable thing is: there is No Game ever Supported by SLI/CF now! Your new graphic standard is a biggest joke ever, you deprived the basic right for a PC gamer to enjoy better gaming experience, and let so many multi-gpu users waste their

    I just want to know: when can we get ride of your useless DX12 ???
    Xiao Xiao Zhong, Feb 29, 2016
  3. Direct X for Windows 10

    Hello Waseemulla,

    Thanks for the super detailed link, but I've updated all my latest drivers and searched for the newest Microsoft updates and still nothing ! Any chance you have any other advice for me and all the other hopeless gamers wanting to test out DX12?
    JeremyHuang, Feb 29, 2016
  4. Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

    specialkone, Mar 1, 2016
  5. Archie123 Win User
    absolutely , the windows store is a mess , their games support is a joke
    Archie123, Mar 1, 2016
  6. In my opinion, Windows Store could be an excellent game distribution platform. In it's current state, though, it's pretty terrible. Project Centennial could change that though. If Windows Store offered games in the standard exe digital download format, like Steam, UPlay and Origin, then I think it would really take off, especially with gamers on Windows 10.

    The current state though, with encrypted files and lack of standard gaming options, is absolutely awful.
    blackroseMD1, Mar 1, 2016
  7. Well I bought Gears of War, $46 CDN with taxes. "Holy internet usage and hard drive space, Batman". Look at this:

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers [​IMG]

    I had heard the Nvidiia 362 driver made for smoother game play. SLI wasn't working as the second GPU was at zero usage. That you tube video using the Crysis 3 SLI bits worked for me and I can play it in full screen. Both GPU's are at 99%.

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers [​IMG]

    Sadly for me these two Kepler cards at just 1080P can take high settings but with medium textures for smooth gameplay and FPS in the 50's according to the benchmark. The high textures are quite gorgeous but I get some stuttering.

    You guys with 980TI's should be able to run it at the full high settings. You would need monitors that run at 120HZ-144HZ otherwise you're locked to 60FPS with the vsync issue. I have the monitor but sadly not enough video hardware with two Keplers to play high settings at only 1080P. Still, looks pretty good at high settings with textures at medium. But I would say, performance wise, DX12 or this game or both, aren't doing me any favors.
    specialkone, Mar 4, 2016
  8. Archie123 Win User

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

    Turns out disabling GSync helps with shocking framerates on gow , so it seems that it doesnt support gsync , what were they thinking?
    Archie123, Mar 5, 2016
  9. According to Nvidia, the issue with Gsync is the cut scenes, which "they are working on".

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers [​IMG]

    According to the game developer, proper multi GPU support "yea, we are working on that".

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers [​IMG]

    Get it right at game launch or deal with negative feedback and return requests. Guess "someone" decided to choose the latter route.
    specialkone, Mar 5, 2016
  10. On a positive note, the latest GOW patch does indeed improve Vram usage which IMHO was terrible BEFORE the patch. I can now run this game on high (not Ultra) settings with the improved Vram management which under Direct X 12 seems to be a game developer responsibility. See the patch notes below:

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers [​IMG]

    Note multi GPU support "we are working on that". After the patch there is more info in the video/graphics options. It shows now that I have "4G of Vram". I have two 770's each with 2G of vram so it's 'recognizing" both cards from a vram perspective but doesn't use the second card at this time (unless I force SLI with a "non optimal" SLI bits adjustment). It shows the 4G vram whether I use the Nvidia Inspector "fix" or not. How weird is that? Any direct x 12 expert around who can explain this to me?

    Just my opinion, but I do feel The Coalition (devs) are serious about getting this game working right in Direct X 12, soon. You can see it from their responses on their forum. Sadly, they seem to be dealing with a lot of multiplayer gamers who can't find many/any people to play with given the exclusive PC version Windows store release.

    On a less positive note, I see the Hitman review is up on Guru 3D, including Direct X 12 performance analysis, which is the less positive part. Link below:

    Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers [​IMG]

    Hitman 2016: PC graphics performance benchmark review - VGA guide
    specialkone, Mar 16, 2016
  11. A PS to the above on GOW. Blackrose, let me tell you that before the patch I was getting a blank Windows 10 start screen every time I exited the game with Nvidia's 364.51 driver, yes every time. After the patch (with improved memory management) the start screen is fine, always, with the same driver, no Windows updates, basically nothing changed except the game patch. So is the blank start screen issue Windows 10 or the Nvidia driver? How about now adding this possibility, poor vram/memory management depending on the specific game.
    specialkone, Mar 16, 2016
  12. Hmm, that's interesting. That could absolutely be the issue.

    I haven't run into the issue in a while, but if/when I do, I'll make sure to mark down what game I was playing and see if I can zero in on specific games that may cause it.

    Thanks for the info.
    blackroseMD1, Mar 16, 2016
  13. Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

    The fact that you haven't run into the issue in a while is interesting as well. Would that be related to the fact you switched from 970's in SLI to a single 980TI ie have you experienced the issue at all after moving away from SLI? If you do, please let me know. If you don't possibly another criteria for this happening is yet again the troublesome multi GPU setups with gaming in Windows 10. Whatever is causing it (specific game related memory management issues and maybe specific to multi GPU) Microsoft needs to stop it from happening. A game dev or even Nvidia shouldn't be allowed to affect something as important as the start menu, no matter how bad the game or driver coding may be, assuming that's the issue.
    specialkone, Mar 16, 2016
  14. You know what, that's exactly when it stopped happening to me. Once I moved from SLI 970s to my 980Ti, I haven't had it happen at all, even across multiple Windows builds. It could be deeper than just multi-GPU setups, but I feel pretty certain that that is at least partly the cause.
    blackroseMD1, Mar 16, 2016
  15. I'm not surprised the blank start screen stopped for you when you went to one GPU. Likely, yet another Windows 10 multi GPU issue, and for me the issue on GOW went away with the Dev patch.

    It seems that Microsoft has put so much about Windows 10/DX 12 gaming in the hands of the game Devs. When it comes to multi GPU support, what is it exactly that convinces the Devs to do it? Has DX 12 been designed to make it simple and cheap? If not, why would a game dev support it after making most of their money on the two console sales, and with a typical attitude "those PC gamers will buy it anyway, they are used to buying poor console ports". Well I don't, I return them*Biggrin.

    The pre release hype about Windows 10 and Direct X 12 gaming included everywhere boasts about how great multi GPU gaming would be. We even have the Tomb Raider game Dev still boasting about it with their Direct X 12 implementation but "forgetting" to mention their implementation with the patch doesn't support it. LOL.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. After the Direct X 12 release of GOW, Tomb Raider and Hitman, every multi GPU gamer I know is now recommending to avoid multi GPU purchases going forward. I guess the next major release on the list to take a look at is Quantum Break. Quantum Break went gold some time ago. Ya think they made the effort to support multi GPU's? What a release splash that would be.
    specialkone, Mar 17, 2016

Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

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