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Discus and support Microsoft Store Updates Issue in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Hi, When I get to my Microsoft Store, I find that the Resume All or Pause All function of my Microsoft Store does not work, I am unable to resume or... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by Ian Chen54321, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Microsoft Store Updates Issue


    When I get to my Microsoft Store, I find that the Resume All or Pause All function of my Microsoft Store does not work, I am unable to resume or pause all the updates at once. I have taken the screenshots and attached below. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    Microsoft Store Updates Issue f2929ee1-5733-406c-928a-807f11d5a0bd?upload=true.jpg

    Microsoft Store Updates Issue 6f9ee920-c9c2-4736-801e-71ee32b81b75?upload=true.jpg

    Ian Chen54321, Oct 22, 2020

  2. Issues with Microsoft Store.


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    In-order to get more clarity on this issue and to assist you with appropriate troubleshooting steps, reply with answers to the below questions:

    1. Are you referring to a credit/debit card or a Microsoft gift card?
    2. Are you facing issue while adding a card or while making a payment through the card?
    3. What exactly happens when you try to use the card?
    4. Are you receiving any error messages?

    If you’re having trouble buying something from Microsoft Store, here are some basic steps that you can try to get things working again. I would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned in the article on
    Troubleshoot problems when paying for something from Microsoft Store.

    For additional information, you may also refer the article on
    Microsoft Store help and check if that helps.

    We await your response.


    Sandeep Kumar M

    Microsoft Community – Moderator
    Sandeep_KM, Oct 22, 2020
  3. Microsoft Store Issues


    We would like to ask a few questions in order for us to properly address your login issue with Windows store and opening the app.

    • Did you make any changes or updates to your computer prior to this?
    • What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?
    • What is the exact error message you were receiving when opening the app?
    Meanwhile, we suggest that you run the Windows app troubleshooter
    to troubleshoot the app and Microsoft store.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Reymichael Ros, Oct 22, 2020
  4. Microsoft Store Updates Issue

    Microsoft Store is not working


    Thank you for responding.

    Do let us know the exact issue you are facing in accessing the Windows Store?

    Have you tried to reset the Windows Store as stated in the above response?

    If the issue still persists after deploying the above troubleshooting steps, try the below and check if it helps.

    Step 1: I suggest you to run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter
    and check.

    Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter, troubleshoots problems that may prevent Windows Store Apps from working correctly.

    1. Press
    Windows + X keys from the keyboard, click on Control Panel.

    2. In the
    Control Panel window, select Category and then select
    Large icons.

    3. Click on

    4. Click
    View all and then click Windows Store Apps.

    5. Click
    Next and follow on-screen instructions.

    Step 2: I suggest you to install all the pending updates on your device.


    • Connect to the internet.
    • Press Windows key and type
    • Click on Check for updates.
    • Under Windows Updates, click on
      Check for updates.
    • Try to install the updates being shown.

    Hope it helps. Reply to the post with an updated status of this for further assistance, we will be happy to help you.
    Deepika Gowda, Oct 22, 2020

Microsoft Store Updates Issue

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