Windows 10: Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind

Discus and support Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Windows 10 is needed to leverage any new chipsets from the likes of Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm Microsoft is in a difficult position at the moment.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by Cluster Head, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind

    Windows 10 is needed to leverage any new chipsets from the likes of Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm

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    Cluster Head, Jan 15, 2016
  2. SonicMojo Win User

    MS and Intel can make like Windows 10 "matters" all they want. If they want to step up and pay to buy our company (7500 users worldwide) all new hardware - I say go ahead - but we have been buying new laptops and wiping them back to Windows 7 Enterprise for a long long time.

    Nothing will change the fact that we do not wish to upgrade or deal with any technical hassles surrounding Windows 10.

    Windows 7 ENT works just fine for everyone and will continue to do so - at least until 2020 when support finally runs out.


    SonicMojo, Jan 15, 2016
  3. Upgrade from Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 10 Enterprise

    Keep receiving the email warning that there are XX days until your free windows 10 upgrade expires, but our org has Window 7 Enterprise.

    Where does one find a compatibility test to run before upgrading from Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 10 Enterprise?

    What are the known issues for the upgrade for Enterprise version?

    Thank you

    TACS AccountingDepartment, Jan 15, 2016
  4. Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind

    Why N96 customers seems to be left behind !!!!


    It's unacceptable to see so few concerns for top end phones like N96!

    The writing should have been done in the first place, i m sorry to say, and to see this firmware (20.045) running on other N96 phones is very annoying, new customers would payed obviously a lot less than first adopters are getting better service. If this
    firmware is out on new phones it should have been made available to all others at least at same time.

    I don t want to bother sending phone for checking when it s obviously the firmware who is causing all troubles.

    Gonna take 2 weeks or more with no guarantee that it will fix anything. All phone to reinstall and software with license lost again (yes cause the backup function lost my previous one!!! )


    Thx for your support
    lephilou---01, Jan 15, 2016
  5. Ghost82 Win User
    That's it. Instead forcing people, enterprises (or whoever they want) to upgrade to Windows 10 by pushing and pushing, they should focus on provide a 100% stable, strong and powerful system. And if that's not possible, just try to achieve the 99,9%. If so, people would upgrade on a blink of a eye. If there are doubts, people who is comfortable and safe with 7, will remain in 7.
    Ghost82, Jan 16, 2016
  6. Trust_No1 Win User
    My roomie works for one of MS largest users of Windows at least they were 2 years ago, and it has only been, just recently that they got everyone switched over to Windows 7. He says there is not a chance in hell, of them switching for a very, very long time. With concerns to licensing fees, and since all of their software is custom, he thinks they may be looking at Linux, apparently a vast majority of their servers already run Linux. Plus, get this, they are supplying their Medical staff and doctors (it is an HMO), with iPads and iPhones for remote access, go figure.
    Trust_No1, Jan 16, 2016
  7. machare Win User
    I would have thought that the Windows 10 strategy of continual updates would be unsatisfactory for business users whose primary need is for a consistent stable platform.
    machare, Jan 16, 2016
  8. SonicMojo Win User

    Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind

    Windows 10 ENT can be configured to ignore all updates. Companies also have the option of using a version of Windows 10 ENT LTSB - which is the Windows 10 version release on July 29 - that is never updated - like ever.

    SonicMojo, Jan 16, 2016
  9. ^ THIS

    I believe that most small businesses and small professional offices have only the Pro version (or Home version) of Windows and not the Enterprise version to block the forced Windows Updates of Windows 10. So they are always working with an ever-changing tool that can change from one day to the next.

    Moreover, the forced Windows Updates have 2 types of updates: 'business' type of updates AND 'pleasure' type of updates. The 'business' type of updates focus on continuity, the 'pleasure' type of updates focus on fast-moving fashionable entertainment of the day. The 2 types of updates may not always mix well.

    I hope Microsoft learns how to juggle well at least by 2020/2023 when Windows 7/8.1 retires.
    FrozenCursor, Jan 16, 2016
  10. CountMike New Member
    Look at that this way. Newer technologies do require newer OS and programs to get most out of them. Gone are the days when only MHz/GHz mattered in CPU advance. Many new instructions and capabilities are introduced that are just not supported by older OSes and programs. How long is MS supposed to patch up older windows to take advantage of those new things ?
    Yes they would have to patch older windows to match usability of processors and not only processors, there are new chipsets coming with them together with other HW and drivers alone are not going to cut it.
    Al of this is nothing new. W95 cut out older HW from use and so did XP. Without Vista and W7 SSDs are practically useless for instance. Even if you stick to XP, newest processors will not provide much more than a processor made at XP's time, the rest of it is just throwing money away.
    Companies (other than IT ) are more reluctant to change HW because it's way more expensive than OS even taking training and maintenance into account.
    Just look at architecture and instruction set in newest Intel Skylake processors and compare to let's say a 386 processor and if you understand 1% of it you'll see just how much is involved to retain compatibility let alone to take advantage of all of new stuff !!!!
    When time runs over something it gets flatter than if steam roller went over it. Go ahead and install XP on a newest Skylake processor you payed 300 - 500 or 1000 bucks for and see if it's going to be any faster than it was on an old Athlon !!!
    CountMike, Jan 16, 2016
  11. lx07 Win User
    Well, actually, that is the whole point of the story - it won't continue to work. Some models running Skylake will be supported for 18 months, subsequent CPUs will not be supported.

    So (assuming it is true) you will either have to upgrade to 10 or not buy latest hardware even before W7 EOL.

    This explains it a bit more clearly I think Microsoft updates support policy: New CPUs will require Windows 10
  12. SonicMojo Win User
    Then we will stay on existing hardware with Windows 7. We did it before with XP and rode that horse as long as we could without any impact whatsoever.

    Let's be honest - we are using MS office and running a business - we are not editing Avatar at the office. Nobody cares about high end hardware because our IT guys do not hand it out. The sales guys gets what he gets and as long as he can log on and do his job using his standard set of installed apps - that's all we need. Windows 7 does that in spades right now.

    And with the current economic climate - especially here in Canada - budgets are extremely tight (if non existent in most cases - so new hardware is pipe dream). Finally no business with any brains in their head will be pushed into some BS about "requiring Windows 10".

    If/when WIndows 10 is ready to be used by our huge user base - then it will be considered for use. Until then - I am certain that our current hardware partners AND Microsoft - with whom we have a very large enterprise agreement - will be just fine with letting us do our thing.

    Jeez - I saw a piece on our local news about a huge oil business here in Calgary - and during the interview in the background with the CEO - you could clearly see the WIndows XP Pro screensaver bouncing around on his workstation in the background.

    All businesses care about is the bottom line - seems they could care less about being current or especially having the latest hardware.

    SonicMojo, Jan 16, 2016
  13. MrBill Win User

    Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind

    Here is the problem with this argument. Windows 7, at least for now, runs on the new hardware. About the only difference in support is security. Also, even for the CPUs, Intel normally provides drivers to support new enhanced functions, not Microsoft. That's also true for Windows 10.

    The problem with the statement from Microsoft is no context. I work in a global corp with over 200K users. It takes a minimum of 2 years to upgrade, and normally another two years for testing and planning. Many large corps are this way. Not to mention the millions of dollars it costs to do so. Microsoft pushing Windows 10 Ent now to these groups makes sense because it's going to take a long time to get them upgraded.

    Now if they were talking to smaller businesses who have around a 12 month cycle, then yea, that seems pretty obnoxious. There is still 4 years left of support for Windows 7, and most companies roll over hardware every three years or so. So there is not a reason for these companies to jump on the upgrade band wagon for at least a couple of years.
    MrBill, Jan 16, 2016
  14. SonicMojo Win User

    It took us 2 years to get off XP in our enterprise and another 18 months to get everyone Windows 7 current. Does anyone think we are ready to go thru that pain and expensive again.

    Today - Windows 10 is simply something we talk about at the lunch table right now at work. It will never be actually used on anything (outside of maybe an isolated test lab) for the foreseeable future.

    SonicMojo, Jan 16, 2016
  15. Yeah, businesses don't need DirectX 13 and if you play candy games on the job, you get fired on Friday!

    That's only half joking, I really wish Microsoft uses advanced hardware for advancing basic OS functionalities and not squander it for fancy features.
    FrozenCursor, Jan 16, 2016

Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind

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