Windows 10: Microsoft will support Edge browser on Windows 7 after EoL

Discus and support Microsoft will support Edge browser on Windows 7 after EoL in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Windows 7 support ends in the morning of January 14 and the operating system will gradually become vulnerable to security issues. Windows 7 EoL (End of... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by WinLatest, Jan 13, 2020.

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    Microsoft will support Edge browser on Windows 7 after EoL

    Windows 7 support ends in the morning of January 14 and the operating system will gradually become vulnerable to security issues. Windows 7 EoL (End of Life) means no more security updates for users, but for Microsoft, it means increased adoption of Windows 10 and no more customer service calls.

    Microsoft will also not offer critical patches and support to Windows 7 consumers, and the company suggests upgrading to a newer version of Windows instead of using Windows 7.

    It appears that users sticking with Windows 7 won’t have to worry about updates for the web browsers. Recently, Google confirmed that Chrome for Windows 7 will be supported until at least July 15, 2021.

    Microsoft has also said that Chromium-based Edge, which will be released to Windows 7 customers and businesses on January 15, will have at least 18 months of feature and security updates.

    Since Microsoft Edge uses Chromium source codes, most of the features on Windows 7 wouldn’t be affected despite the end of support. In the next 18 months, users can easily switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge will pick up from where they left off.

    Windows 7 is still popular

    According to NetMarketShare and StatCounter, the world is not yet ready to ditch Windows 7 for Windows 10. The latest market share data revealed that at least 26% desktops use Windows 7.

    After January 14, if you’re a consumer, you have to upgrade to Windows 10 for regular updates from Microsoft. If you work for a organization or business, and the PC is joined to a domain, your employer could pay Microsoft a per-device fee for one year of extended support.

    While the third-party antivirus software, apps, and even popular web browsers will remain supported, it would be very risky to use Windows 7 in 2020. We wouldn’t recommend ignoring the deadline.

    For example, if a critical vulnerability like WannaCry is discovered for Windows 7, it won’t be patched. There will be no technical support for Windows 7 from Microsoft’s support team if something goes wrong.

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    WinLatest, Jan 13, 2020
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    Microsoft is developing a built-in ad blocker for its Edge browser

    "One of the first browser add-ons many people install to improve their online experience is Adblock Plus or something similar. Until recently, Microsoft Edge's lack of support for add-ons put off a lot of would-be users, but reports from Build 2016 suggest that native ad blocking is on its way to the Internet Explorer successor.

    Adblock Plus is coming to Edge, but built-in ad blocking would negate the need for such an add-on. A slide shown off and snapped at a Build presentation shows that the next version of Edge, in response to user feedback, will feature ad blocking capabilities. There's no word on delivery timescale, but the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update would seem a likely candidate.

    ZDNet's Ed Bott photographed the slide which shows Microsoft's development roadmap built around feedback from testers. Right at the top of the list is reference to plans to create a plugin and extension store for Edge, but it's entry number four that's more intriguing.

    "Build ad blocking features into the browser" is listed as a Feature Request from users. But the good news is that it is not only listed as being "Deliverable 4682811", but as "Targeted for the next version".

    This will no doubt come as good news for those who have fallen in love with Edge, but it's not something that will be welcomed by the likes of Adblock Plus. It does seem that, particularly in the mobile arena, there is a move to baking ad blocking into the browser so it makes sense that Microsoft is following the trend. But it is the fact that Edge straddles Windows 10 on the desktop and Windows 10 Mobile that makes this a particularly interesting move.

    Keep an eye out for Insider builds in the coming weeks as the feature may be just around the corner.

    Forget extensions, built-in ad blocking is coming to Microsoft Edge - [UPDATE... no it's not!]
    P4-630, Jan 13, 2020
  3. Microsoft Botches Up UEFI Support for Windows 7 on ASUS Motherboards

    Microsoft will support Edge browser on Windows 7 after EoL [​IMG]

    Microsoft suggests updating to Windows 10 to patch Windows 7
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    MICROSOFT HAS confirmed a potentially lappy-borking problem that it won't be fixing, because Windows 7.

    Woody Leonhard, the respected Windows columnist, points to a problem involving Asus motherboards, which also appear rebadged in a variety of other manufacturers' machines, and the activation of UEFI Secure Boot for Windows 7 in a patch KB3133977.

    Short version: install update, welcome to Borksville, population you.

    Both Asus and Microsoft acknowledged the problem. Microsoft entitled the article "BitLocker can't encrypt drives because of service crashes in svchost.exe process in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2", but we prefer to just call it "Trevor for brevity."

    The firm's advice was that it's an optional update, leave well alone, you'll be fine, or alternatively turn secure boot off.

    Then Microsoft did a silly, silly thing.

    It moved the update from 'optional' to 'recommended' and anyone who reads this site regularly will know what happens when Microsoft does this. That's right boys and girls - it makes it automatically install, unless you've specifically told your machine not to.

    So now, if you have one of the affected motherboard and you keep your security updates automatic like wot Microsoft recommends, then your machine will stop working properly.

    We should add it's not permanently bricked, but it will take some mucking about in the BIOS to fix and that's a pain even for an experienced computer user.

    Microsoft has, by offering a workaround, suggested heavily that it won't be fixing the problem, though we have asked the question, so expect a response in about a fortnight.

    But the real kicker is this piece of advice: "Note The Secure Boot feature is supported in Windows 10. To learn more about the security advantages of this feature and about the upgrade path from Windows 7 to Windows 10, go to the following Windows website"

    Holy toledo, this company really knows how to rub people up the wrong way.

    After all - if the advice is to manually avoid the update or move to a version of the operating system where there's virtually no control over updates, then Microsoft is dealing in massive contradictions.

    A more cynical site would suggest that it's yet another example of Microsoft running Windows 7 into the ground and adding built in obsolescence to encourage quicker updates. But we're not that sort of site.

    Its the patching to force secure boot that is the problem win 7 does not support secure boot
    hence it borks systems and well microsofts answer is Cactus >your Asshole > insert

    from the inquirer
    dorsetknob, Jan 13, 2020
  4. Microsoft will support Edge browser on Windows 7 after EoL

    When will their be extension support for the Microsoft Edge browser?

    Many are frustrated that the Edge browser does not have extension support for things like the LastPass password manager! A browser should not be released without extension support since many are already using password managers and other extensions. Now that
    Microsoft will no longer update and continue Internet Explorer, the most current and secure Microsoft browser is Edge. Here is a notice from Lastpass:

    Does LastPass support Windows 10 Edge ?

    Microsoft Edge is the new, default browser available with Windows 10: Internet Web Browser for Desktop & Mobile - Edge – Microsoft

    Microsoft has not yet announced extension support for Edge browser. As soon as we can, we will offer a LastPass extension for Windows 10 Edge.

    The LastPass extension can be downloaded to any other browser on Windows 10. Simply visit our download page:
    Download LastPass | LastPass to install the extension in the browser toolbar in Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

    The web vault at
    can also be used on Edge to view your passwords any time.

    If you are seeing any issues, please feel free to open a ticket with details on your issue and steps to reproduce.

    PLEASE Microsoft get support asap for extensions like this! Thank you very much!
    Ernie Mink, Jan 13, 2020

Microsoft will support Edge browser on Windows 7 after EoL

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