Windows 10: Microsoft's CEO Says Windows 10 Is Here to Change the...

Discus and support Microsoft's CEO Says Windows 10 Is Here to Change the... in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Windows 10 is already in development right now and Microsoft promised to release new updates for the official Technical Preview builds on a regular... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by labeeman, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. labeeman Win User

    Microsoft's CEO Says Windows 10 Is Here to Change the...


    labeeman, Nov 25, 2014
  2. MCCshreyas Win User

    what happens now??

    Hi B.South

    Don't trust on others sites news. Wait for Microsoft news.

    And Microsoft is not dissolving Windows phones.

    Yesterday Microsoft CEO says that they are actively working on Windows phone. To make it better. And there will be new device at the end of this year for windows 10 which will flagship device where continuum will be enable on that device.
    MCCshreyas, Nov 25, 2014
  3. cindyhaynes Win User
    Cannot update defender get error code 0x80072F8F.

    Do you work for Microsoft? It says CEO? How did you know the fix?
    cindyhaynes, Nov 25, 2014
  4. BunnyJ New Member

    Microsoft's CEO Says Windows 10 Is Here to Change the...

    SPRING!! Oh make it SO!!

    Jeff *Dinesh*Thumbs
    BunnyJ, Nov 25, 2014
  5. Lady Fitzgerald Win User
    I will be very disappointed if M$ takes the approach Win 8.x has of you must update to the next version, whether you like it or not, to be able to keep getting security updates, which is what it sounds like Nadella is talking about.
    Lady Fitzgerald, Nov 27, 2014
  6. Tony K Win User
    We did with SPs. The only difference is that they refer to it as a point 1, 2, etc. Who knows, they may release an 8.2.
    Tony K, Nov 27, 2014
  7. alphanumeric New Member
    That's really nothing new. As HippsieGypsie pointed out, it's been that way in the past with SP's. After a certain date if you didn't apply SP x, you didn't get any further updates. Support ends unless you update. I think I see where your coming from though. If SP x or update x.x breaks your OS it's not much good to you. That's been an issue (for some) since the first SP was released. Good or bad I can see why Microsoft does it that way. It's less work for them to have to patch all the older versions of Windows without SP x. It makes even more sense (for them) when your dealing with Windows 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 etc. The downside to the new rapid release, as I see it, is the UI changes rolled in with the bug fixes. Not everybody likes the changes and may not update. Now what do you do? It's new territory for Microsoft and those running its software.
    alphanumeric, Nov 28, 2014
  8. lehnerus2000 Win User

    Microsoft's CEO Says Windows 10 Is Here to Change the...

    I don't remember MS changing the OS hardware requirements with Service Packs though (like they did with W8).

    Maybe I've just been lucky on that front.
    lehnerus2000, Nov 28, 2014
  9. alphanumeric New Member
    Ah, good point, I forgot about that. It didn't impact me so I kind of forgot about it. That did catch a few people out. And Microsoft didn't help things by saying the 8.0 to 8.1 update wasn't a service pack, but then treating it like it was one, as far as support goes. Let me just say that even though I am a Microsoft MVP, I don't agree with everything they do. If you bought 8.0 and now can't upgrade to 8.1 that sucks if end of support ends up being sooner than latter. I have some pretty old hardware here so I guess I've been lucky too.
    alphanumeric, Nov 28, 2014
  10. ThrashZone Win User
    It's like all updates Microsoft bundles Optional ones as Recommended which neither have anything to do with Important updates and should not be pushed onto users
    But the windows update setting are pretty clear,
    win-10TP it's just a pain to take control over the different categories because you have to use group policy and give rights to local admin to separate all of the crap "New Features" as stated faster *Tongue
    It's always best to do a little research on these so called new features first to prepare for weird stuff or possible unexpected errors *Wink
    ThrashZone, Nov 28, 2014
  11. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    Windows XP SP3 (the service pack they weren't going to issue) relied on a lot of new hardware - although I don't think though that SP3 stopped working on the older machines. It just didn't run as well since some of the newer hardware instructions couldn't be executed so alternative more inefficient code ran in those cases.

    In any case if you take backups BEFORE updating / applying SP's then if it doesn't work simply restore and wait until a fix comes out.

    jimbo45, Nov 28, 2014
  12. lehnerus2000 Win User
    The thing is didn't MS say that problematic W8 update was mandatory (I could be thinking of a different update though)?

    It didn't affect me as I'm not running W8.

    I didn't have any issues with that SP and my hardware would have been ~4 years old (if not older) at the time.

    I guess I was lucky back then too. *Smile
    lehnerus2000, Nov 28, 2014
  13. Fahadking07 Win User

    Microsoft's CEO Says Windows 10 Is Here to Change the...

    Wew, Cool *Thumbs

    Long live *Start Microsoft
    Fahadking07, Nov 28, 2014
  14. alphanumeric New Member
    I was referring to the 8.0 to 8.1 update/upgrade. There were some that couldn't upgrade to 8.1 because their CPU was missing a feature required in 8.1. They are stuck running 8.0. Microsoft treated the 8.1 upgrade like a SP so end of support for Windows 8.0 is 2 years after the release of 8.1. It's something like that. I just got up and haven't had my first cup of coffee yet. Anyway, support for 8.0 is shorter than it normally would have been.
    alphanumeric, Nov 28, 2014
  15. Tony K Win User
    Tony K, Nov 28, 2014

Microsoft's CEO Says Windows 10 Is Here to Change the...

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