Windows 10: Minecraft Account Issues

Discus and support Minecraft Account Issues in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; I want to play the Minecraft RTX Beta. I already own Minecraft and my Minecraft account dates back to before it was bought by Microsoft, and so my... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by endgamedvr, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Minecraft Account Issues

    I want to play the Minecraft RTX Beta. I already own Minecraft and my Minecraft account dates back to before it was bought by Microsoft, and so my e-mail is connected to the account on And from then and now I had made an account on Microsoft that was disconnected from my Minecraft account. And so when I had troubles downloading Minecraft RTX I assumed it was because my current Microsoft account was not connected to my account so it didn't register I already owned Minecraft. But as I continue to look into this I think the real issue might be that I own Minecraft: Java Edition, when what I'm trying to access is Minecraft Windows 10 edition? This is strange. From what I see Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is an altered version of the game that comes with a marketplace among other additions I don't understand, and the NVIDIA RTX Beta is only available through Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Am I understanding this right that I need to now also buy the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition when I already own Java and have had owned Java Edition for many years? Or is it an issue with accounts and I need to find a way to make my Microsoft account aware that I already own Minecraft so I can just install it from the Microsoft Store? What is the big addition that Minecraft Windows 10 edition has other than microtransactions and a marketplace that justify a brand new price tag? I just want to play Minecraft RTX.

    endgamedvr, Oct 24, 2020
  2. Barman58 Win User

    Homegroup For Minecraft Servers Or What?

    It looks as if the existing minecraft server will use the new system without modification - It needs to be able to access the computers on the network in a two way link, which is the standard for Workgroup and Homegroup

    There is a complete step by step available, if you have any issues ...

    Tutorials/Setting up a server – Official Minecraft Wiki

    It's not something I have any direct experience with but a quick read suggests to me that you will not need to do Much if any reconfiguration of the existing server
    Barman58, Oct 24, 2020
  3. TPU Minecraft Server

    There's about 40 people on the safe list so you are likely to run into a few. XD

    Once you got a Minecraft account, you have to PM newtekie1 with your Minecraft username so he can add you to the safe list and give you the address to the server.
    FordGT90Concept, Oct 24, 2020
  4. Minecraft Account Issues

    Retrieve Minecraft Key On An Account, Which Is Not Accessible.


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    Have you lost the login information of Mojang Account or the Microsoft Account?

    If you have forgotten the login information of the Mojang/Minecraft Account, then I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned in
    Minecraft log in and try to recover the account.

    If you have forgotten the login information of the Microsoft Account, then follow the steps mentioned in
    Find your Microsoft account email address and try to retrieve
    your Microsoft Account.

    If you still have issues, then I suggest you to contact Mojang Customer Support and they
    will assist you in this issue.
    Shafeeq_Khan, Oct 24, 2020

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