Windows 10: Missing icons in taskbar

Discus and support Missing icons in taskbar in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; I don't why, but I have at least, constantly, one icon missing in my taskbar. since some days I can't display all of them with the settings. Currently,... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/polfev, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. /u/polfev Win User

    Missing icons in taskbar

    I don't why, but I have at least, constantly, one icon missing in my taskbar. since some days I can't display all of them with the settings. Currently, the sound icon is missing.

    Any idea?

    The white part on the screenshot is disappearing too and it doesn't do anything when I click on.

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    /u/polfev, Feb 17, 2020
  2. Yaqub K Win User

    System Icons on taskbar


    Thank you for posting on Microsoft Communities.

    Are you referring to the clock system icon on the taskbar?

    If so, I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Click on the search bar on the taskbar.

    • Type system icons.

    • Under Turn System Icons ON or OFF, turn On the Clock and check with the issue.

    Hope it helps.
    Yaqub K, Feb 17, 2020
  3. Volume icon missing from Taskbar


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I understand that the volume icon is missing in Action center. We will assist you to resolve the issue.

    I suggest you to follow the steps given below and check if it helps to resolve the issue.

    • Open Settings and choose system.
    • Click on Notifications and Actions.
    • Click on Select which icons appear in Taskbar.
    • Turn on Volume.
    Hope the information helps. Let us know if you need further assistance. We will be happy to help.

    Thank you.
    Krishna Prasobh V, Feb 17, 2020
  4. noten Win User

    Missing icons in taskbar

    Missing Taskbar Icons

    I'm having the same problem with 'Metro' icons. They don't show in the taskbar and they don't show within other apps. Shortcuts just show the generic page icon. The only place app icons show is in the start menu and those are really tiles.

    Here's an example of what I'm dealing with:

    Missing icons in taskbar [​IMG]

    I have tried scf (sfc?) scan and dsim, no luck. Have also tried everything mentioned in this thread. Nothing.

    One suggestion that offered some promise was to look at the icon files to see if they look alright but didn't suggest anything beyond that. I browsed to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_17.6310.42251.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\images and found some icon files that seemed ok but then a bunch that appeared blank:

    Missing icons in taskbar [​IMG]

    Any thoughts?
    noten, Feb 17, 2020

Missing icons in taskbar

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