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Discus and support Ms error in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Hi guys so i did sfcscannow with cmd then my pc automatically restarted after a few min. After i restart and login, icons do not load anymore then when... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by RageBayaua, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. Ms error

    Hi guys so i did sfcscannow with cmd then my pc automatically restarted after a few min. After i restart and login, icons do not load anymore then when i move mg cursor to the taskbar it changes into a spinning circle cursor. Then suddenly i get an error that Microsoft windows stopped responding and i clicked end process, it does nothing and im stucked. What do i do?

    RageBayaua, Feb 18, 2021
  2. meebers Win User

    Supported phones for Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview

    Your list confirms my phone is eligible, Lumia 521. The windows Insider App fails after ~ 15 seconds, restores data and gives me error 80073cf9. I trouble shot this and went thru all the steps mentioned on several websites including MS without any luck. Short of a hard reset, this is where I am now. Suggestions appreciated.
    meebers, Feb 18, 2021
  3. KieX Win User
    Error: No work available to process

    Hmm. Either it's put out errors and WCG is limiting the work units available, or the project list may not be set to supply other WU when one runs out. (if the problem lies here and not on your end)

    On the options to your left, if you go into Results Status, select the computer from Device Name and then look through results see if either they were returned late, errors or any other kind of issue that would stop the servers supplying WU from that perspective.

    If there are no errors then it's maybe down to your project list. So selecting Device Manager from the left menu and then clicking on the profile assigned to that computer and make sure that it's assigned to receive WU for other projects if they run out.

    At least those steps will rule out problems from the WCG end.
  4. Tenforo Active Member

    Ms error

    atioglxx.dll OpenGL Error ! Ms error :(

    *** errors in the installer !!!

    * manuel make *

    1.step :

    Catalyst 9.9 Hotfix for Windows XP Professional and Home Edition

    2.step :

    ( install *Smile Ms error :) )


    3.step :


    ( X:\....\9-9_agp-hotfix_xp32_dd_ccc\Driver\XP_INF\B_ ,,,, \atioglxx.dl_ )

    4.step :

    ( ReName *Smile Ms error :) )

    atioglxx.dl_ -> atioglxx.dll

    5.step :

    ( Move *Smile Ms error :) )

    atioglxx.dll -> C:\WINDOWS\system32

    6.step :

    restart PC ! OK *Smile Ms error :)

    ATi OpenGL (atioglxx.dll) No-Errors ! *Big Grin Ms error :D
    Tenforo, Feb 18, 2021

Ms error

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