Windows 10: MSWord EXCell and Outlook

Discus and support MSWord EXCell and Outlook in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; I Had the MSOffice on my PC but after MS Windows upgraded my system, I have to pay PER YEAR for them now. Where did they go?... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by JanetSweeny, May 15, 2019.

  1. MSWord EXCell and Outlook

    I Had the MSOffice on my PC but after MS Windows upgraded my system, I have to pay PER YEAR for them now. Where did they go?

    JanetSweeny, May 15, 2019
  2. Jayzilla Win User

    Delete mails in Outlook but want to keep mails untouch in webmail

    When I deleted an email in outlook and my webmail got deleted too. I want to keep all the inbox mails from the webmail even I complete deleted in outlook. I spend hrs can't think it out how. Any step by step instruction? I'm using IMAP account btw. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
    Jayzilla, May 15, 2019
  3. qubit Win User
    How to install outlook express on windows xp with explorer 8?

    This is an awkward problem to solve and one I don't think is worth the time and effort.

    The OP would be better off either using a modern webmail service like gmail or or using a modern email client like Windows Live Mail like FX-GMC suggested or Thunderbird from Mozilla. If nothing else, Outlook Distress was notorious for corrupting its data files and losing all your email in one easy step. Not worth it.
    qubit, May 15, 2019
  4. Alicia J Win User

    MSWord EXCell and Outlook

    How do I get Outlook 2010 to export the correct address book

    I have three options listed in Outlook when I try to export a CSV contact list from the address book.. Myself, another person, and the 'Outlook Data File'. I am the default person.

    When you open the address book, the choice that has the current contacts is my name-contacts. When you go to the export file section, it is called suggested contacts. If I export this file and open it in excel, it shows names and street addresses with no email address listed. There are also names in the file that are no longer in my address book.

    How do I get the address book to export the current list from my address book, and how do I get the excel file to show the email address?
    Alicia J, May 15, 2019

MSWord EXCell and Outlook

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