Windows 10: Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears

Discus and support Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; [ATTACH] Hi, my friend notices the "+" is missing. Anyone can fix it? thanks.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by EvanTangTang, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears

    Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears 80b0bc64-b626-430a-aa65-fd15016d5903?upload=true.png

    Hi, my friend notices the "+" is missing. Anyone can fix it? thanks.

    EvanTangTang, Oct 11, 2018

  2. Medium Mouse for desktop multitasking

    Desktop Multitasking usually includes:
    20-50 firefox tabs/10 windows opened
    Sony Vegas
    Microsoft Visual Studio
    Starcraft 2 Editor
    Text / Hex Editors
    A lot of folders ...

    • I like to play a RTS game such as Starcraft 2 or COH ...etc , Maybe some Grand Theft Auto goofing driving car and modding, (don't care about story *Stick Out Tongue Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears :p) I only play a few hours a week.

    What I hate:

    • Mouse cursor jumping or jerky occasionally,
    • long button response time or unregistered click
    • pointer inaccuracy.
    What I want:
    • A mouse that doesn't have above problems and other nerveracking "cheap china crap" behavior.
    • Middle range mouse, not the cheapos, and not the professionals either.
    • Handling
    • As heavy as possible
    • Bigger button click feedback (deeper click and more hearable click feedback)
    What I don't care about:

    • DPI performance and other FPS genre specific features.
    • Sideclick middle wheel capability
    • Wireless
    • Anything Logitech (I don't like the handling and how the mouse feels on my hand)
    Currently I have set my sights firmy at MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T 5 - the sidescroll wheel which I never knew existed looks like a total win for me, as I can imagine using that in different areas already. Previously I had Microsoft Sidewinder, I had debated between Deathadder, I like those styles of mouse when they're big at the back and go progressively down in straight line, no curves such as in most logitech or whatever.

    The question is, does my choice fit? I don't have much mouse buying skills, but I do have logic.


    Here's the story for anyone curious - I know it doesn't matter at all but why not if I can.

    Currently I'm on a backup cheap mouse because Sidewinder was basically broken, some of those problems for a year, so inaccurate, jerky, middle mouse button not registering always, one day I woke up very stressed (sleep cycle broken) and occasionally I check out some sports when nationals are going to win some big stuff, it was apline skiing this time and I basically missed the whole thing so I went online to get to archive, they had networking problems from traffic congestion, and the flash player was driving me crazy, I already hate adobe flash more than anything on this planet around PC, and this was one of those days when it blew up, the thing was lagging, it worked almost, except the part where I wanted to see, the flashplayer had capability to go 2 hours back timeshift, but the part I wanted to see didn't work for some effing reason, as things escalated the mouse received the punding, then I broke the middle mouse button, the wheel axis broke off and it wouldn't click no more, being basically offcenter the scrolling was like driving offroad, unfortunately it driven me more more into anger, tried to repair, heating the plastic to reattach the axis pin, the damn plastic just cools down too fast, because I really do want to use products as long as possible, I don't buy anything unless I really need it. Basically I got angered about something else the next day and at that point I broke the right click, stopped working, that's it, I cooled down in a short period of time because I basically accepted I'm getting rid of it and it's time for a replacement. But I still wanted revenge and to properly relieve the stress that still wanted to get out.

    So here's the sidewinder, along with some dirt and dog hair ...

    Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears PibpaZH.png

    good riddance, this is the type of a big hammer that did it (btw, I did not expect i would write this story at the time of demolishment, but i thought it may happen so i took the picture with reluctance)
    RuskiSnajper, Oct 13, 2018

    Having just completed the W10 Fall update (& associated additional updates) I find that my multitasking facility has disappeared completely. I can no longer arrange multiple windows and even the resize button (top r-hand corner) doesn't work anymore. The
    multitasking menu that normally appears when right-clicking on the taskbar has also disappeared.

    None of options on the Settings multitasking page has fixed the issue so far. How do I restore this important functionality?
    Nicholas R.K. Doyle, Oct 13, 2018
  4. Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears

    Desktop Disappeared After Windows 10 Update

    After upgrading to windows 10, my desktop completely disappeared, sometimes it will flash for a micro second. The Desktop folder is still in my folder list and I can access it that way but prefer to have access to my desktop. I saw the other thread where
    it suggested a clean boot, but this did not work. Any other suggestions?

    Jessica23Q, Oct 13, 2018

Multitasking "Add Desktop" button disappears

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