Windows 10: My computer keeps resetting

Discus and support My computer keeps resetting in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; I don't know why but my computer keeps resetting after restart it. I've tried a bunch a stuff and it wont work. please help me if you can... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by jacob}, Jun 18, 2021.

  1. jacob} Win User

    My computer keeps resetting

    I don't know why but my computer keeps resetting after restart it. I've tried a bunch a stuff and it wont work. please help me if you can

    jacob}, Jun 18, 2021
  2. Dano 00TA Win User

    Bios keeps resetting...not the battery

    I'm having problems with a abit AW9D Max board in an older build of mine that keeps resetting the bios everytime I shut it down. The time is ok so I assume it's not the battery but the other settings such as Uguru setting, ram and other stuff resets to defaults*Wtf :wtf: I've had this computer for a few years with nothing like this happening till now. I'd just leave everything at default but the Uguru alarm goes off whenever I start it and I have to disable it in the bios. Any suggestions on what I can try?
    Dano 00TA, Jun 18, 2021
  3. swat354 Win User
    Windows 10 infinite restart black screen

    Thank you john for all of your help i decided to get the usb my computer came with and factory reset it i didnt have anything that personal or valueable so its ok thanks for the help though i appreciate it
    swat354, Jun 18, 2021
  4. My computer keeps resetting

    reset computer


    First back up your data

    Step 1: Access the settings menu by clicking the notifications icon on the taskbar or pressing the Windows button + A. Then click “All settings.

    Step 2: Click “Update & Security,” then choose “Recovery” from the left-hand menu.

    The next page contains two options. The first, “Reset this PC” is the method we’re going to go with, but the second is worth considering if you have a little more technical skill.

    “Advanced startup,” is used for modifying your computer on a deeper level or installing a completely different operating system. This comes in handy if your manufacturer provides a factory restore image or external drive containing the image to return your
    machine to its factory state. Unless you’re completely sure you understand what each of the options in this setting does, it’s probably best to leave it alone.

    Step 3: When you’re ready, click the “Get started” button under the “Reset this PC” heading. A new window will appear with two options, “Keep my files” and “Remove everything.”

    Step 4: Decide whether you want to keep all of your files and folders, or truly start from scratch and then bring your personal data back from your backup solution. Whichever one you pick, all of your applications will need to be reinstalled, and your settings,
    such as your Start menu, will go back to the defaults.

    Step 5: Click whichever option you have chosen. If you chose “Keep my files,” skip to Step 7.

    Step 6: If you chose “Remove everything,” you now have the option to “Just remove my files” or “Remove files and clean the drive.” The second option formats the drive itself, and it’s better if you’re planning on selling or giving away your computer. It takes
    much longer, so if you’re just resetting the PC for yourself, choose the first option and skip forward to Step 8.

    If your computer has multiple internal drives, you’ll also have the option to wipe only the primary drive (the one with Windows) or all the connected drives. Click on “Show me the list of drives that will be affected” to know exactly what will be included in
    the reset process.

    Step 7: If you chose “Keep my files,” on the next screen the system will display a list of conventional programs installed on your computer (ones not installed from the Windows Store). This list will be saved to your desktop when you finish the recovery process.
    Click “Next.”

    Step 8: Once you’ve gone through the steps in preparing for the reset, you’ll be presented with the final choice. Click “Reset” to proceed.

    Hope it helps, haver a good day
    ManuelCapiro, Jun 18, 2021

My computer keeps resetting

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