Windows 10: My Microsoft Order is still Pending

Discus and support My Microsoft Order is still Pending in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; So i ordered a Surface laptop 3 on December 1st, and I know that is black Friday so there were probably a lot of orders but i would love to have some... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by KortKnee.exe, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. My Microsoft Order is still Pending

    So i ordered a Surface laptop 3 on December 1st, and I know that is black Friday so there were probably a lot of orders but i would love to have some sort of reassurance that my item will be delivered on time. It's been stuck in pending literally since i hit purchase and it says that the estimated delivery date is Dec 12, but that's in three days, and i highly doubt it'll get here by then if it still hasn't shipped. I have a trip to go on a few days after it's supposed to arrive and it would be nice to have my new laptop for it.

    Why doesn't Microsoft do better with the orders page? It should tell you if there's an issue or if it's sold out or if there's just a high volume of orders and that it may not arrive on time. I'd feel much better if it just gave me something, like Amazon does.

    Anyway, is there any way to find out the true status, more than just a lousy "pending"? And maybe a eay to ensure it gets here sooner, like pay a little extra?

    KortKnee.exe, Dec 9, 2019
  2. Ar Rom Win User

    HTC vive order still pending

    Hi reme2525,

    Since you ordered from Microsoft Store, you can track the progress of your order online by following the steps below:

    1. Sign in to your Order history, with your Microsoft account.
    2. Locate the order you want to track.he shipping status should be on the same line.
    3. If it's not there and the purchase is recent, wait a bit and try again.

    For help about cancelling an order, download and installation, or pre-orders, see the Microsoft Store help page.

    Feel free to post back if you need further assistance.
    Ar Rom, Dec 9, 2019
  3. Order Pending

    I made an order at 12 a.m it still says pending , I need this order to be shipped by the latest 27th November
    AishaLovell, Dec 9, 2019
  4. J-P-L Win User

    My Microsoft Order is still Pending

    Order pending

    Let me share my experience on my first purchase with Microsoft Store Canada.

    I place my order on Feb 20 night,used Paypal linked with my banking information and choose standard shipping. 3 to 7 working days.

    1- The delivery ETA is only mentionned one time,when you finished filling the order online. Mine is Mar 2nd.

    2- On Paypal, the authorized payment stayed PENDING for 2 days. Until I noticed that it vanish from the

    Good that I keept the email Paylpal sended me right after I place my order.

    So I click on transaction ID number on that e-mail.

    I was shock to read that:

    The seller canceled this payment, and the money has been returned to your account.

    On Microsoft store my order It's still on Pending ?!

    On my banking no money was taken and refund...

    3-Called Microsoft C.S the feb 23rd. I was told that my bank authorized the purchase and should get my purchase on Mar 2nd as planned.

    4- Still not reasured, I called Paypal the next day on the 24. They confirm that the seller cancelled my paiement and I should redo the purchase process if I still want to purchase the goods...

    5-Called Microsoft C.S the same day, they can't cancel my order and can't take an alternative paiement eg. credit card. Their is no tracking number made for shipping yet and they are not sure of the status of my order?!

    6-While on hold, I added my credit card info to my Microsoft store.

    I really wanted the goods so I was ready to make a new order with a credit card if Paypal was an issue with them. They say not to do so (could end up with double order) and to wait until next week for escalation... Ok I didn't do it.

    7-I check my credit card statement, Microsoft did a softcheck of $0.

    8-Got struck by lightning , I figured it out the way they work!

    They do the same with Paypal, they do a check-up as soon you place the order.

    Instead of leaving it in PENDING, they cancel it because Paylpal change it in a PRE-AUTHORIZE payment.

    I found this information burried in the transaction ID while clicking on

    You get the following:

    Billing Details

    You've authorized use of your PayPal account for future payments to Microsoft Canada Inc.. You can cancel this authorization by clicking Cancel below.


    Feb 25, got an automated email from MS Store stating that my order is shipped,on its way with Fedex tracking # and I should have the funds ready by now.

    1 min, later got an automated Email from Paypal stating payment is done and here is my receipt.

    I loged on PaylPal, now it shows as COMPLETED in ACTIVITY!

    End of the story: PayPal an Microsoft store got some weird way of doing business.

    They both have terrible C.S.

    I'm glad that everything seem to have turn out good (hope there no issue with shipping or the goods) regardless of the headhaches and stress of the past few days.

    I hope my story will help others to understand how their logic works.
    J-P-L, Dec 9, 2019

My Microsoft Order is still Pending

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