Windows 10: Mystery Notification of authentication failure

Discus and support Mystery Notification of authentication failure in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Whenever I am on my PC (WIN10) I get periodic popup notifications of a login error due to authentication failure. I am not in Gmail nor have I given... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by pylyshyn, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. pylyshyn Win User

    Mystery Notification of authentication failure

    Whenever I am on my PC (WIN10) I get periodic popup notifications of a login error due to authentication failure. I am not in Gmail nor have I given permission for any Apps to log in. But I still keep getting authentication failure messages from Gmail or some other agent -- a real nuisance that occurs at random about every 5 minutes or so. How can I stop these? *Huh

    pylyshyn, Feb 29, 2016

  2. Sky Force Notifications after ANNA update! whats that?

    that notification application looks mysterious and yes it is not related to notifications widget on homescreen!
    donofworld, Feb 29, 2016
  3. Authentication Failure

    I was having the same issue, this is what I found and what I did to narrow down the issue, hop ethis helps in your situation

    When trying to sync my Samsung Epix I encounter a problem when trying to synch when I have Browser favorites checked.

    Synchronize options:

    I am using exchange for mail so contacts, calendar and tasks are not checked.

    All other options were checked, except where I was conducting tests as outlined below.

    Un-checking only “Browser favorites” I do not have any issues, and the sync completes successfully.

    Un-checking only “Current Location” I get the following message “uploading changes to browser favorites” and it just sites there until I stop the sync. It was trying to sync 1 of 1.

    Seeing that I had all but one favorite synced, I decided to run thru the list of favorites that had successfully synchronized and the list I had on my WMD.

    In comparing the two I found that had not backed up, it was a link for “Grand central mobile”

    No special anything in the address, I removed it from my favorites, turned on all sync options and this time it was successful.

    Not sure, why this one address was causing the entire sync to fail, but it did.
    Dark_Knight1, Feb 29, 2016

Mystery Notification of authentication failure

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