Windows 10: Need 'Pin To Taskbar' Option ...

Discus and support Need 'Pin To Taskbar' Option ... in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; ... or something's not right. I created a shortcut that points to a batch file. The shortcut works great. HOWEVER : On r-clik I am NOT seeing a 'pin to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by MourningStar, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. Need 'Pin To Taskbar' Option ...

    ... or something's not right. I created a shortcut that points to a batch file. The shortcut works great. HOWEVER : On r-clik I am NOT seeing a 'pin to taskbar' option and I want to pin it to the taskbar. Others shortcuts have it.

    MourningStar, Jul 27, 2021

  2. No option to pin .exe file in taskbar


    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are unable to pin an executable file in the taskbar.

    To assist you better, do let us know which executable file you are referring to.

    Note that the "pin to Taskbar" option is not available for some .exe files. That is program specific. You will get the option to pin to Start menu for all .exe files but not the "pin to Taskbar" option.

    As you mentioned the executable file is in the memory expansion slot, I would suggest you to save that .exe file in your Surface 3 computer and then right click on that .exe file and check if you get the option for pinning it to the taskbar.

    Do get back to us with the result. We will be glad to help if you need further assistance.
    Wungraileng1709, Jul 27, 2021
  3. Pinning "Settings" to the Taskbar

    I've tried both suggestions. But thanks to your(?) earlier post, I do have an icon pinned to the taskbar for settings.

    Both were my posts Need 'Pin To Taskbar' Option ... :) In fact, at first I forgot to post the usual steps to pin Settings to taskbar, and rather complicated (which I thought) by suggesting you create a shortcut. Hence the 2nd post. Anyway, glad the shortcut method helped.
    Ramesh Srinivasan, Jul 27, 2021
  4. Need 'Pin To Taskbar' Option ...

    Option to pin microsoft edge to taskbar is gone.

    Hi William,

    Thank you for your reply, appreciate the time taken by you in keeping us updated on the status of the issue.

    Please try the below steps and check.

    • From Start Menu right click on Edge.
    • From more option you can see pin to
      just click on it.
    Hope this helps. Please do let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Thank You.
    ThofikhAhamad, Jul 27, 2021

Need 'Pin To Taskbar' Option ...

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