Windows 10: Network not quite working

Discus and support Network not quite working in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; I have a small network with 5 pcs on it - until last week everything was working fine but after a disaster I had to reinstall the OS (w10 pro 64bit) on... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by joddle, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. joddle Win User

    Network not quite working

    I have a small network with 5 pcs on it - until last week everything was working fine but after a disaster I had to reinstall the OS (w10 pro 64bit) on one of the machines and since then have had a few issues.

    From any of the other machines I can see and access shared folders from all the other machines, including the one I have just done the reinstall on. However from the updated machine I cannot read any of the other machines although they appear on the network list and can be read by all the other pcs - I simply get a message saying "pcX is not accessible - you might not have permission etc etc. The odd bit is that I can see the media from one machine and user from the other which appear in a separate pane on the explorer. When accessing any of the other machines from any machine apart from this one, everything works fine - I can read change and save files between machines as normal. I have checked the user names is the same on each machine - nothing wrong with cables etc -

    Tried rebooting all machines and reconnecting and get message about missing protocol - the "self repair" then fails and flags the same issue.

    Can someone please help me understand what may be wrong here!

    joddle, Apr 16, 2016

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    samyxxx wrote:

    actually there is another way, and it will let you set entire songs if you want

    google mobile registry editor

    connect phone to pc

    open mobile regitry editor

    open hkey control panel

    go to sounds, to your right youll see filesizelimit

    double click and change the 30000 to 9 nines

    there you go

    This worked like a charm for me .... none of the other BS was nessesary.
    Not Quite Right, Apr 16, 2016
  3. What!!! The N900 doesn't support 3g with At&t/Cingular! Is this true?

    the phone works fine on the at&t network even if it is on the 2.5G network/EDGE. quit pmsing.
    anniepham1986, Apr 16, 2016
  4. Looey Win User

    Network not quite working

    In Network and Sharing Center click on Advanced sharing settings to see if to see if password protected sharing is on or off. It is found under all networks.
    Looey, Apr 17, 2016
  5. sml156 Win User
    First thing I would check is make sure that the computer having the problem is to go into Network and Sharing Center and make sure the connection is set to either Private or work and not public

    Network not quite working [​IMG]

    If it's set to public see if this Tutorial helps
    How to Set Network Location to be Public or Private in Windows 10

    I would also try the trouble shooter I labeled as 2 in my picture above if that does not help.

    If this does not help post what you have tried and the results and either me or another TenForums user would be glad to help.
    sml156, Apr 17, 2016
  6. joddle Win User
    Hi - have done that now and its is private - the trouble shooter said there was missing protocol and then someone else told me it may be related to a "winsock" problem so tried resetting that this morning and hey presto its now all working as it should - but why it was wrong in the first place on a clean install I cannot fathom! Many thanks anyway.
    joddle, Apr 5, 2018

Network not quite working

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