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Discus and support networkadapters in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I just bought a new wifi adapter, but it doesn't connect. If i go into device manager there is a yellow triangle around the device. If i click on it i... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by Maxvan der Ven, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. networkadapters

    I just bought a new wifi adapter, but it doesn't connect. If i go into device manager there is a yellow triangle around the device. If i click on it i get a Code 56. I have tried a lot of drivers from the chipset manufacturer from the wifi adapter manufacturer but nothing works.

    The chipset is the RTL8812AU.

    I hope someone can help me with this problem. networkadapters 222fa3c1-fd61-460d-95f6-ce6246c3bc98?upload=true.png networkadapters 2543a710-bd10-4e4f-a014-2980474b7519?upload=true.png

    Maxvan der Ven, Mar 15, 2020

  2. Wifi settings are missing


    My Wifi settings are missing. I tried the steps as given in:
    that didn't solve the issue.

    Here some details:

    • Windows 10 home / 1709 / 16299.125
    • I installed all Windows udpates.
    • In device manager I don't see under networkadapter the Marvell Avastar.
    • The troubleshooter didn't solve the problem.
    • Problem started a week ago, reason is unknown.
    • I don't know which surface I have, or what surface even is.

    Hopefully someone can help me to get the wifi settings back, need internet wireless.
    Mattaboy10, Mar 15, 2020
  3. kulamani Win User
    How Automate installation of IPFW+DummyNET Driver using comman/ script

    I want to install a NDIS network adapter in windows-7 machine using program/script or any command.

    I need to automate these steps:

    Pull up the properties for the NetworkAdapter that is used to access the Internet
    Select"Service" and click "Add"
    Click"Have Disk" and "brows"
    Select the myDriver.inf service (and click through any warnings about the driver being unsigned)
    I follows this process mentioned here using power-shell command list. But those commands only compatible with window-8 or better.

    How can i achieve this task in windows-7 64bit. Also tried using PnPUtile.exe, no result.
    kulamani, Mar 15, 2020
  4. Spyros K Win User


    Hyper-V does not provide the IP of a Ubuntu Guest from powershell with Get-vm -ExpandProperty NetworkAdapters

    In Windows 10 Pro PC (Win10ProPC#1) I have a Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS VM, created quite some time ago. I have also been using ever since, the following command, as part of a script. So running the following command in Win10ProPC#1


    I now tried to recreated the same environment in another PC, with similar specs (Win10ProPC#2). There is a small change, the Ubuntu VM is now Ubuntu18.04.3LTS. However running the following command in Win10ProPC#2


    In both cases the VM(Guest) has internet access and I can find out the ip address from inside the guest operating system. (While this confirms that there is an IP it is not what is desired. I need to get the IP from the above command.)

    The problem is that there are no IPAddresses reported in NetworkAdapters in Win10ProPC#2 while there are some in Win10ProPC#1. I need to make Win10ProPC#2 able to get the IPAddresses of the VM.

    The two computers use the latest Windows 10 Pro version (64bit). Also both VMs have a dynamic IP and use the "Default Switch" network configuration.
    The scripts run by Powershell "as Administrator" in both cases.

    I fear that I miss a setting or configuration, but a have already scrutinized all settings of the HyperV and are identical.
    Any thoughts?
    Spyros K, Mar 15, 2020