Windows 10: New build will not stay off

Discus and support New build will not stay off in Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance to solve the problem; I just finished another new build and my problem is if I try to use sleep or shut down from the start button it restarts immediately right back up... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance' started by munk1955, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. munk1955 Win User

    New build will not stay off

    I just finished another new build and my problem is if I try to use sleep or shut down from the start button it restarts immediately right back up again......I have built many PC's over the years but have never had this happen before.....I have went and shut down everything I can think of that would restart the PC(Mouse,keyboard,wake timers etc.)but to no avail it still starts right back up.

    I put win 10 home on it from a USB stick with the MCT which is the only way I have ever done it 4 days ago and one thing that was weird was on start up's from the PSU switch the first couple days it would mess with some programs like no ethernet then my Sandboxie wouldn't start because it said it couldn't find the driver or my Comodo firewall would disappear from the system tray.....And all of those have been resolved.

    So now into my 4th day it is running smooth as glass with all programs,files and browsers but it still will not work for sleep or shut down modes.

    Here are my build specs......If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.....Thanks!
    THERMALTAKE VERSA H15 Corsair 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 ASUS B85M-G R2.0 Intel i3-4160 3.6 GHz 2 Corsair Quiet Case Fans WIN 10 HOME OEM 64-bit EVGA 430W PSU CM MASTERLIQUID LITE 120 SAMSUNG 840 SERIES SSD 120 GB 2.5”

    munk1955, Feb 24, 2018

  2. Defender will not stay off!

    Every time I re-boot Windows Defender turns itself on. I am using NOD 32 and DO NOT WANT DEFENDER!
    cathylampkin, Feb 24, 2018
  3. Filter key will not stay off

    Let's try a different approach. Turn off the Filter key again on the Keyboard Settings, and then access
    Ease of Access Center, on the left side of the window click
    Change Sign-in Settings
    . Uncheck the options under
    Assistive Technology
    : Press keyboard shortcuts one key at a time (Sticky Keys) and
    If I press key repeatedly, ignore extra presses (Filter Keys) on both
    At sign-in and After sign-in.

    New build will not stay off [​IMG]

    Keep us updated.
    Radney Dri, Feb 24, 2018
  4. Steve C Win User

    New build will not stay off

    Check the wake up settings in the BIOS and turn off all you don't need e.g. wake on LAN. Also look at the wake settings for each peripheral in Device Manager and inhibit all from waking the PC except perhaps the mouse and keyboard.
    Steve C, Feb 25, 2018
  5. munk1955 Win User
    Yeah Steve I've been researching this for the last 5 days and have done many things including all you have suggested but with no fix.

    One thing I noticed that is really weird is after I have unchecked some things I go back and look at it again the next day and the boxes are checked again so something is not saving the changes I'm making.

    I've come to the conclusion it is something in the Win 10 home download from the MCT that needs a patch from Microsoft because I think it is definitely software related.

    So for me I've wasted enough time looking into this and either it will be fixed down the road with a monthly update patch or with the next iteration of the OS update whenever that is.
    munk1955, Feb 25, 2018
  6. HI,
    Have you used the power options using right click start menu button menus mostly shut down or use Winkey+x and hit the u key twice for shut down.
    ThrashZone, Feb 25, 2018
  7. munk1955 Win User
    Just tried everything you suggested with both sleep and shut down and it immediately starts right back up.
    munk1955, Feb 25, 2018
  8. Bree New Member

    New build will not stay off

    One possible solution...

    Windows 10 Restarts Instead Of Shut Down

    Some programs that are set to run at start-up have also been found to cause this.
    Windows 10 restarts instead of shutting down
  9. ThrashZone, Feb 25, 2018
  10. munk1955 Win User
    Well I'm working on everybody's suggestions (And don't think I don't appreciate them all) and on the "device manager thing Bree I did all that 4 days ago.

    So I will keep at it and let everyone know what I come up with.......Thanks again for all the help!
    munk1955, Feb 25, 2018
  11. When you go to sleep does it immediately wake up like a normal resume (i.e. all your programs/windows are maintained) or does it fully reboot your system?

    What does Event Viewer say in the Power-Troubleshooter event?
    Code: The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2018‎-‎02‎-‎22T21:05:51.041233600Z Wake Time: ‎2018‎-‎02‎-‎22T21:06:02.715345700Z Wake Source: Power Button[/quote]
    PolarNettles, Feb 25, 2018
  12. munk1955 Win User
    It reboots the system......And about 4 days ago I checked your highlighted section and for "Wake Source" it says Unknown.
    munk1955, Feb 25, 2018
  13. Bree New Member

    New build will not stay off

    Have you tried turning off Fast Start-up?
  14. munk1955 Win User
    Yeah I just checked again but I remember turning fast start-up off about 4 days ago.
    munk1955, Feb 25, 2018
  15. And when you say "reboot" do you see a power cycle - i.e. everything, including your fans and LEDs, turn off for ~4 seconds and then come back on? Or do all your fans/LEDs stay on and the system boots up to BIOS immediately (like if you did a restart from Windows)?
    PolarNettles, Feb 25, 2018

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