Windows 10: New Case issues: PC will not restart

Discus and support New Case issues: PC will not restart in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I have an old AMD system that has performed flawlessly for over 10 years. I awarded it with a new case from Fractal Designs the other day. Plug and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by gsindela, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. gsindela Win User

    New Case issues: PC will not restart

    I have an old AMD system that has performed flawlessly for over 10 years. I awarded it with a new case from Fractal Designs the other day. Plug and play, right? Wrong.

    Had numerous bugs, most of which are solved. However, I cannot restart the system.

    I can power down and power back up with no issues.

    When I "restart," I get the blue screen that says Windows is shutting down, the screen goes black, and the whole system becomes unresponsive (but the power is still on). To solve the issue, I'm forced to hold down the power button on the case until it powers down completely, then I can power back up.

    All help is tremendously appreciated!!! What can I do to solve this restart issue? -Gordon.

    PS - I've searched this forum and others with no solution. I've tried to disable the "Fast Start" option, but that was no help.

    gsindela, Feb 25, 2019

  2. PC Randomly Restarting after installing new Ram!

    Tried your suggestions, but still had a restart! Also ran memtest overnight (13 hours according to memtest) and had no errors! Also ran Passmark Burn in test for a couple hours testing everything and had no errors or restart. Could fitting the new ram have triggered something to go bad like my mobo or psu?
    Daryl Gill, Feb 25, 2019
  3. midgo Win User
    Win 10 1607 Restart Issue

    I am having a Win 10 1607 restart issue.

    In my case the PC tries to restart but the monitor screen goes black and then the monitor screen powers off.

    The PC keeps running but will not restart.

    I have to push the reset button to restart the PC.

    Shut down works fine.

    In both restart and shutdown there are no spinning dots...

    Can any one help with this restart issue.

    I have tried most suggestions on the interwebz:////

    My next step is to go back to the previously installed version 1511 in which restart worked then do an upgrade from the 1607 ISO I downloaded.

    If this fails I will bite the bullet and do a clean install but I would rather just resolve the issue if I can as I have Win 10 running just the way I like it:///
    midgo, Feb 25, 2019
  4. New Case issues: PC will not restart

    little cat, Feb 25, 2019

New Case issues: PC will not restart

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