Windows 10: New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops

Discus and support New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Dell Technologies recently unveiled new Dell Latitude laptops to boost productivity from anywhere, new Precision workstations to offer mission-critical... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by Brink, May 22, 2020.

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    New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops


    Brink, May 22, 2020
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    Dell Takes Business Laptops to New Latitudes

    Inspired by close collaboration with nearly 4,000 IT professionals and end users, Dell today announced a completely new line of Latitude and Dell Precision laptops, ranging from the lightest ultra-portable in the company’s history to the most powerful mobile workstation.

    New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops delllatitudefinaleseries01_thm.jpg

    New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops delllatitudefinaleseries04_thm.jpg

    New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops delllatitudefinaleseries05_thm.jpg

    The new Latitude systems provide breakthrough battery life, brilliant new design and style - including a choice of five colors.

    “Since 1995, we’ve shipped more business laptops worldwide than anyone,” said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell. “This, and our 5 million plus conversations a day with customers, gives us real insight into the needs of the digital nomad. Today we’re translating that insight into breakthrough productivity, portability and design. The new Latitudes are breathtaking.”

    Dell’s re-engineered Latitude lineup answers a wide range of user profiles:
    • Ultra-Portable - Dell Latitude E4200 is a 12.1-inch laptop that starts at 2.2 pounds, making it the lightest commercial notebook in the company’s history. The 13.3-inch Latitude E4300 has a starting weight of 3.3 pounds1. Designed for road warriors and executives who demand maximum performance and light weight, the systems will be available in the coming weeks.
    • Mainstream – The Dell Latitude E6400 and E6500, available today, are 14.1- and 15.4-inch laptops that start at $1,139 and $1,169, respectively. The systems are ideal desktop replacements for high-performance users.
    • Essential – The Latitude E5400, a 14.1-inch notebook, starts at $839, and the E5500, a 15.4-inch notebook starts at $869. Available today, the systems include everyday features at a cost-effective price.
    • Semi-Rugged – The Latitude E6400 ATG is a 14.1-inch semi-rugged laptop that starts at $2,399 and will be available next week. It is built and tested to meet Military 810F standards for dust, vibration and humidity.
    • Desk-Based - From new port replicators to full docking solutions that fit any usage scenario with smaller footprints and streamlined cabling, users can “hot undock.”
    Personalize Your Latitude
    Dell will offer colors for the first time on Latitude laptops. In addition to Mica-Brushed Metal, the Latitude E4200, E4300, E6400 and E6500 will be available in Regatta Blue, Regal Red and Quartz Pink (E4200 only) in the coming weeks. The E5400 and E5500 are available in Matte Black.

    “The new Latitude laptops and Dell Precision mobile workstations represent the largest client product development effort in the history of Dell,” said Jeff Clarke, senior vice president, Dell Product Group. “We’ve invested more than 1 million engineering hours and the result is a family of head-turning products that are as solid on the inside as on the outside, with features that enable better security, manageability and productivity.”

    Incorporating a wide range of new technology, Dell’s new Latitudes feature:
    • All-day computing on the E6400 with breakthrough battery life of up to 19 hours;
    • Full-frame magnesium alloy construction and all-metal hinges;
      Sophisticated keyboard design;
    • Ease of use with Dell ControlPoint, centralizing control of user settings for power management, connectivity configurations and security management in a single application;
    • First business-class laptop with an intelligent backlit keyboard that automatically adjusts to ambient light levels;
    • Exclusive ControlVault solution – intelligent security sub-processors with embedded non-volatile storage that centralizes and helps protect user credentials and security keys in a single hardened security “vault” away from the systems main drive;
    • The E6500 is the only laptop with both a contact-less Smart Card reader and a fingerprint readers that complies with Federal Information Processing Standards; and,
    • Simplified IT with compatible peripherals, adapters, docking and robust manageability features across the entire portfolio.
    Access E-mail Instantly, Without Booting the OS
    The company also previewed Dell Latitude ON, a new technology that will enable near-instant access to e-mail, calendar, attachments, contacts and the Web without booting into the system’s main operating system (OS). Expected in the coming months on the Latitude E4200 and E4300, Dell Latitude ON uses a dedicated low-voltage sub-processor and OS that can enable multi-day battery life.

    Revolutionizing Mobile Workstation Performance
    Dell, the world’s No. 1 workstation supplier, also unveiled a new line of ISV-certified Dell Precision mobile workstations targeted at performance-oriented customers in the engineering, media, entertainment and biosciences industries. Available today, the details include:
    • Dell Precision M4400 – Starting at $1,569, the 15.4-inch mobile workstation features leading-edge graphics and supports up to 8 GB of RAM.
    • Dell Precision M2400 – Weighing 4.77 pounds, the company’s lightest mobile workstation is a 14.1-inch system that starts at $1,4491.
    The company also introduced a 17-inch mobile workstation concept that revolutionizes mobile performance. Housed in an orange, anodized aluminum chassis, it supports up to 16 GB of RAM, a 1 GB graphics card, upcoming quad-core processors and up to a terabyte of storage on two drives. This doubles the amount of memory and processor cores, and triples the storage available on Lenovo and HP mobile workstations today. More details can be found at

    Green on the Go
    The new Latitude mainstream and ultra-portable laptops, as well as Dell Precision mobile workstations, are available with Energy Star 4.0-compliant configurations and meet EPEAT “Gold” rated configurations. The Latitude E4200 is Dell’s first notebook offering a motherboard containing halogen-free laminates, as well as halogen-free chassis plastics and fan housings. The ultra-portable laptop also ships in packaging that is up to 99-percent recyclable by weight.

    Mobility Services
    All of the new products are also available with Dell’s ProSupport Mobility Services, a suite of modular services that help companies protect assets and data. To protect confidential company information, Dell can also automate data encryption on all laptops and centrally manage company-defined security policies in a way that is transparent to the end-user. Dell’s Desktop Manager service allows IT to track dispersed systems, distribute software, manage patches and enforce IT policies. For more information, visit

    New Community for Digital Nomads
    Coinciding with the introduction of Dell’s new laptops, the company launched a new community site called Digital Nomads. It is designed for individuals who are not defined by the four walls in their office or home, but by a desire to always be connected for work and play no matter their location. Community members can come together to read about other digital nomads and share ideas, tips, tricks and best practices. Twitter users will be able to follow live updates from Dell’s press conference and ask questions by following @Digital_Nomads (Digital Nomads (@Digital_Nomads) | Twitter).

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    Dell Ships Three New Precision Workstations

    Dell, the world’s No. 1 workstation supplier for the last nine years, today unveiled Dell Precision T7500, T5500 and T3500 tower workstations. One of the first workstation lines to ship with Intel Xeon 5500 “Nehalem,” the Dell Precision T5500 and T7500 deliver up to 90 percent better multi-threaded digital content creation application performance versus previous generation systems. The new systems are purpose-engineered for professionals in engineering, media, entertainment, biosciences, exploration, economic modeling and risk analysis.

    The News:
    Designed for performance, reliability and scalability, the three new Dell Precision tower systems are available for order tomorrow at and include:
    • Dell Precision T7500 – The most powerful Dell workstation offers with outstanding performance and scalability, up to two quad-core processors, up to 192 GB of three-channel DDR3 ECC memory up to 1066 or 1333 MHz, dual native Gen 2 PCIe x16 graphics slots with up to 450 watts (two 225W or single 300W) and supports NVIDIA SLI technology without a riser. With more than 1 billion configuration options, the system starts at $1,800 (USD).
    • Dell Precision T5500 – The T5500 offers dual socket Intel Xeon performance in a small footprint system with memory capacity of up to 72 GB and graphics slots that scale up to 300 watts (two 150W or single 225W), starts at $1,620 (USD).
    • Dell Precision T3500 – Offering a balance of performance, scalability and affordability, the T3500 features up to 24 GB DDR3 ECC memory and an integrated memory controller, resulting in low latency and excellent application performance. It starts at $999 (USD).
    Dell partners with at least 35 leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to test and certify compatibility for 90 applications in areas such as mechanical computer aided design, architecture, engineering, construction, digital content creation, biosciences, financial services, and oil and gas. Broad-based ISV certification helps customers create a complete, customized solution for the specific single- or multi-threaded application they use. Application-based performance gains over previous generation workstations include:
    • Up to 82 percent better Catia application performance with Intel Nehalem-powered Dell Precision workstations; and
    • Up to 350 percent more memory bandwidth on the Dell Precision T7500 and the T5500 with dual processors using the SiSoft Sandra 2009 Bandwidth benchmark test.
    Available product features of the Dell Precision T3500, T5500 and T7500 (some features available on select systems only):
    • Intel QuickPath, Direct Cache Access help significantly improve performance;
    • Intel Turbo Mode is designed to adapt processor speed based on application needs;
    • E-SATA port for fast external storage;
    • Up to 1.5 TB SATA hard drives for generous local storage;
    • Dual and quad monitor support, DisplayPort connectors;
    • Support for NVIDIA Tesla GPU compute solutions (T5500 and T7500 only);
    • NVIDIA NVS 295, NVIDIA QUADRO FX 580, FX 1800, FX 3800, FX 4800, and FX 5800 (T5500 and T7500 only) graphics card; and
    • ATI FIREPRO V3750, V5700, and V8700 graphics cards.
    Configurations of the Dell Precision workstations are Energy Star 5.0 compliant, featuring 85 percent efficient power supplies to help reduce energy consumption.
    Dell ProManage and Dell ProSupport Services help automate deployment, management and support for workstations so that IT teams focus on more strategic work.
    ImageDirect - Images and applications are factory-installed to help cut IT staff time for deployment, eliminate desk-side visits and prevent configuration issues.
    Distributed Device Management - Automate asset tracking and monitoring, software inventory and utilization, backup, patch management and email management to help resolve routine management through the cloud, and may reduce ownership costs.
    Dell ProSupport for IT - Configurable support services for IT and end-users to help reduce downtime with expert tech-to-tech support, Fast-Track PartsDispatch and support for third party software.

    “With the new Dell Precision workstations, we’re taking a revolutionary step forward in performance, enabling professionals to do more than ever with the ISV applications they need for business-critical tasks,” said Brett McAnally, director, Dell Product Group. “By combining industry-leading ISV certifications, energy efficiency, configurability and services we can better help workstation customers lower ownership costs and maximize uptime.”
    “We are really excited about the new Dell Precision workstation solutions,” said Ken Pimentel, director of visual communication solutions at Autodesk, publisher of such applications as 3ds Max. “Dell understands what is really important to 3D professionals – groundbreaking performance in a dependable system that allows them to get more done faster. The new Dell Precision workstations really shows off our new render-quality viewports and multi-threading enhancements in 3ds Max 2010.” 3ds Max 2010 is expected to be available in April 2009.
    The Dell Precision T7500, T5500, T3500 tower workstations will be available through all Dell channels, including the company’s PartnerDirect program.

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  4. New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops

    Dell Dimensions or Optiplex Better?

    Actually, the OptiPlex series are Dell's standard work PC; the Precision series are workstation-class.
    Static~Charge, May 22, 2020

New Dell Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops

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