Windows 10: New MS photo App problems 11/18

Discus and support New MS photo App problems 11/18 in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Anyone else notice the updated MS Photo? When opening it now wants to link to a MS account to see all your photos and past photos. The account login... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by BYuan619, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. BYuan619 Win User

    New MS photo App problems 11/18

    Anyone else notice the updated MS Photo? When opening it now wants to link to a MS account to see all your photos and past photos. The account login doesn't always appear to be working correctly. I already has 2 instances where it get a failure to launch the app error.

    Already tried the repair and reset option to no avail. Administrator, after logging in with a MS account can run it but not a regular user. Interface seems to be updated as well. Tried the remove powershell command to remove but app still shows as installed. When trying to reinstall from store it just freezes while downloading. To top it off the photo app is now stored in a c:\program files\windowsapps\ folder that even admins do not have permissions to, so can't right click and run as administrator for the affected account. Is the only choice to give users admin permissions and set up a Store account?

    BYuan619, Nov 16, 2018
  2. kormath Win User

    Lost default photo viewer after profile rebuild

    Thanks Brink. I've tried those steps before i started searching Google. After the profile rebuild i don't have the Photo app listed to choose to make it default in either the system settings for default apps or the Open With option.

    I can't even find it doing a search. Seems to have been removed somehow with the profile rebuild, which doesn't make sense.

    Might be helpful to list what i've done New MS photo App problems 11/18 :) I've done the open with check, the choose default program in the system menu, tried that in device manager default programs also. I've checked the programs and features Turn windows features on/off and it's not listed there (never thought it was but that was a suggestion), searched the MS Store, it's not listed there either.

    I don't like playing in the registry unless i have defined steps and haven't found anything for this yet, just the Win7 version like in my OP.
    kormath, Nov 16, 2018
  3. OLGALAU Win User
    MS photos app has stopped working

    The Microsoft photos app has stopped working since the last windows update in late October 2017. It doesn't open at all. I get this message "This app can't open. Check the windows store for more info about photos...copy to clipboard or close" I have
    done so many troubleshooting steps! I have scanned (sfc), reset app, ran a troubleshoot for the store, uninstall then install again, reinstall from the store, checked windows update, did an inplace upgrade....there are more troubleshooting steps but frankly,
    too many to remember at this point. I've exhausted all the troubleshooting available in the MS site. My last resort is to reset or reinstall windows which can be time consuming which I am willing to do but there are NO GUARANTEES it will solve the issue.
    I was told by a Microsoft tech support agent that the inplace upgrade will definitely correct the issue but it didn't. The problem persists and it looks like this problem has been floating around for several years with the same troubleshooting suggestions
    that do not solve the problem. I'm so disappointed and frustrated because I prefer the MS photos app over others. Did October's update change some settings that might be causing this problem? Help! OL

    (windows 10 home version 10.0.16299 build 16299; x64-based PC)

    I just noticed that under "other updates" 3 have failed. I will list them here:

    9P1SWVRL6FKD-Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime.1.6 (failed-0x8024000b)

    9N38V762FHPD-Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.1.6 (failed-0x8024000b)

    9NBLGGH3FRZM-Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00 (failed-0x8024000b)

    I have run a windows update troubleshooting and clicked on fix. It didn't work. Photos app is still not working. Think any of these failed windows updates have anything to do with the issues I'm having with the MS photos app?
    OLGALAU, Nov 16, 2018
  4. New MS photo App problems 11/18

    Photos are opening with Paint instead of Photos app


    It's likely that your default application for opening photos is Paint. To change your default program in Windows 10 from
    Paint to the Photo app, we suggest that you perform the following steps:

    • On the Start menu, select Settings.
    • Go to System, then go to Default apps.
    • Select Photos or any app that you like to be the default under
      Photo viewer.

    Update us if the steps above helped you in resolving your concern.
    Angela Pun, Nov 16, 2018

New MS photo App problems 11/18

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