Windows 10: New PC build crashes daily

Discus and support New PC build crashes daily in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; I built a new PC in July and have been seeing the BSOD almost daily since day 1. I have checked the event log and am getting the same bugcheck error... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by KnockKnockGoose, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. New PC build crashes daily

    I built a new PC in July and have been seeing the BSOD almost daily since day 1. I have checked the event log and am getting the same bugcheck error every time it happens CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION (109). There is no consistency in when these crashes occur and my CPU/GPU temps are very low. I have updated all of my drivers as often as possible to try to stop this error. Performance has been great except for the crashes. My hardware specs are below as well as the last bugcheck in windbg (my memory.dmp file is like 1 GB so i don't want to upload). Any help I could get on this problem would be appreciated. Thanks!

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

    Motherboard: Asus Prime X570-P

    Graphics: Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700

    Memory: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000)

    SSD: Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 3D2, QLC Internal Solid State Drive

    Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 10.0.18362.1 AMD64

    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP]

    Kernel Bitmap Dump File: Kernel address space is available, User address space may not be available.

    Symbol search path is: srv*

    Executable search path is:

    Windows 10 Kernel Version 17763 MP (16 procs) Free x64

    Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal

    Built by: 17763.1.amd64fre.rs5_release.180914-1434

    Machine Name:

    Kernel base = 0xfffff804`28808000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff804`28c23630

    Debug session time: Mon Aug 26 19:45:17.105 2019 (UTC - 4:00)

    System Uptime: 0 days 2:50:59.792

    Loading Kernel Symbols


    .Page 40281e not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details

    .......Page 347073 not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details

    .....................................................Page 146bcf not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details

    .Page 145c5a not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details

    .Page 143bd9 not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details



    Loading User Symbols

    PEB is paged out (Peb.Ldr = 000000ad`8a362018). Type ".hh dbgerr001" for details

    Loading unloaded module list


    For analysis of this file, run !analyze -v

    0: kd> !analyze -v


    * *

    * Bugcheck Analysis *

    * *



    This bugcheck is generated when the kernel detects that critical kernel code or

    data have been corrupted. There are generally three causes for a corruption:

    1) A driver has inadvertently or deliberately modified critical kernel code

    or data. See

    2) A developer attempted to set a normal kernel breakpoint using a kernel

    debugger that was not attached when the system was booted. Normal breakpoints,

    "bp", can only be set if the debugger is attached at boot time. Hardware

    breakpoints, "ba", can be set at any time.

    3) A hardware corruption occurred, e.g. failing RAM holding kernel code or data.


    Arg1: a39fe7683cc8d516, Reserved

    Arg2: b3b6f3ee8f4712c1, Reserved

    Arg3: fffff80428afffec, Failure type dependent information

    Arg4: 0000000000000001, Type of corrupted region, can be

    0 : A generic data region

    1 : Modification of a function or .pdata

    2 : A processor IDT

    3 : A processor GDT

    4 : Type 1 process list corruption

    5 : Type 2 process list corruption

    6 : Debug routine modification

    7 : Critical MSR modification

    8 : Object type

    9 : A processor IVT

    a : Modification of a system service function

    b : A generic session data region

    c : Modification of a session function or .pdata

    d : Modification of an import table

    e : Modification of a session import table

    f : Ps Win32 callout modification

    10 : Debug switch routine modification

    11 : IRP allocator modification

    12 : Driver call dispatcher modification

    13 : IRP completion dispatcher modification

    14 : IRP deallocator modification

    15 : A processor control register

    16 : Critical floating point control register modification

    17 : Local APIC modification

    18 : Kernel notification callout modification

    19 : Loaded module list modification

    1a : Type 3 process list corruption

    1b : Type 4 process list corruption

    1c : Driver object corruption

    1d : Executive callback object modification

    1e : Modification of module padding

    1f : Modification of a protected process

    20 : A generic data region

    21 : A page hash mismatch

    22 : A session page hash mismatch

    23 : Load config directory modification

    24 : Inverted function table modification

    25 : Session configuration modification

    26 : An extended processor control register

    27 : Type 1 pool corruption

    28 : Type 2 pool corruption

    29 : Type 3 pool corruption

    2a : Type 4 pool corruption

    2b : Modification of a function or .pdata

    2c : Image integrity corruption

    2d : Processor misconfiguration

    2e : Type 5 process list corruption

    2f : Process shadow corruption

    30 : Retpoline code page corruption

    101 : General pool corruption

    102 : Modification of win32k.sys

    Debugging Details:


    Page 146bcf not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details

    Page 146bcf not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details

    Page 200 not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details








    BUILD_VERSION_STRING: 17763.1.amd64fre.rs5_release.180914-1434

    SYSTEM_MANUFACTURER: System manufacturer

    SYSTEM_PRODUCT_NAME: System Product Name


    SYSTEM_VERSION: System Version

    BIOS_VENDOR: American Megatrends Inc.

    BIOS_VERSION: 0406

    BIOS_DATE: 06/15/2019




    DUMP_TYPE: 1

    BUGCHECK_P1: a39fe7683cc8d516

    BUGCHECK_P2: b3b6f3ee8f4712c1

    BUGCHECK_P3: fffff80428afffec

    BUGCHECK_P4: 1




    fffff804`28afffec 48895c2410 mov qword ptr [rsp+10h],rbx

    CPU_COUNT: 10

    CPU_MHZ: e09

    CPU_VENDOR: AuthenticAMD

    CPU_FAMILY: 17

    CPU_MODEL: 71


    BLACKBOXBSD: 1 (!blackboxbsd)

    BLACKBOXPNP: 1 (!blackboxpnp)


    BUGCHECK_STR: 0x109



    ANALYSIS_SESSION_TIME: 08-26-2019 21:11:47.0136

    ANALYSIS_VERSION: 10.0.18362.1 amd64fre


    ffff8f8b`129cc9e8 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000109 a39fe768`3cc8d516 b3b6f3ee`8f4712c1 fffff804`28afffec : nt!KeBugCheckEx

    CHKIMG_EXTENSION: !chkimg -lo 50 -d !nt

    fffff80428b000e0-fffff80428b000e3 4 bytes - nt!RtlCompressBufferXpressLzMax+f4

    [ 64 24 28 4c:90 12 84 11 ]

    fffff80428b000e7 - nt!RtlCompressBufferXpressLzMax+fb (+0x07)

    [ e8:c8 ]

    fffff80428d47788-fffff80428d4778a 3 bytes - nt!_guard_check_icall_fptr

    [ 20 99 97:00 47 9c ]

    fffff80428d47790-fffff80428d47792 3 bytes - nt!_guard_dispatch_icall_fptr (+0x08)

    [ 40 82 9b:50 47 9c ]

    Page 200 not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details

    11 errors : !nt (fffff80428b000e0-fffff80428d47792)

    THREAD_SHA1_HASH_MOD_FUNC: 81a83ae0317433a47fcc36991983df3b6e638b71

    THREAD_SHA1_HASH_MOD_FUNC_OFFSET: 6e16edd8c7dd677734fdbcd2397a2e35e9fae964

    THREAD_SHA1_HASH_MOD: 76cd06466d098060a9eb26e5fd2a25cb1f3fe0a3



    fffff804`28afffec 48895c2410 mov qword ptr [rsp+10h],rbx

    FAULT_INSTR_CODE: 245c8948

    SYMBOL_NAME: nt!RtlCompressBufferXpressLzMax+0

    FOLLOWUP_NAME: MachineOwner


    IMAGE_NAME: ntkrnlmp.exe


    STACK_COMMAND: .thread ; .cxr ; kb


    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x109_1_nt!RtlCompressBufferXpressLzMax

    BUCKET_ID: 0x109_1_nt!RtlCompressBufferXpressLzMax

    PRIMARY_PROBLEM_CLASS: 0x109_1_nt!RtlCompressBufferXpressLzMax

    TARGET_TIME: 2019-08-26T23:45:17.000Z

    OSBUILD: 17763




    SUITE_MASK: 784



    OSNAME: Windows 10

    OSEDITION: Windows 10 WinNt TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal


    USER_LCID: 0

    OSBUILD_TIMESTAMP: unknown_date

    BUILDDATESTAMP_STR: 180914-1434

    BUILDLAB_STR: rs5_release

    BUILDOSVER_STR: 10.0.17763.1.amd64fre.rs5_release.180914-1434



    FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: km:0x109_1_nt!rtlcompressbufferxpresslzmax

    FAILURE_ID_HASH: {cb2b7354-2311-f77d-6345-8877d6e3a415}

    Followup: MachineOwner

    KnockKnockGoose, Aug 26, 2019

  2. New System build Suggestions

    just another build suggestion to consider- System Builder
    BarbaricSoul, Aug 26, 2019
  3. PC Build Steps

    Ok just because I like steps i am going to create some steps. Please give me the stamp of approval/disapproval
    • Install system in case
      • Remember to connect SSD and optical to same SATA ports on motherboard
    • Turn on PC
    • setup HDD
    • run blend test in prime95 for 30-60 min
      • run realtemp at the same time
    • While in Prime95 test
      • if CPU goes above 70c in RealTemp, I have a leaky CPU
      • if my system locks up or blue screens, there is an instability in the system somewhere
      • if my system does not lock up or blue screen, my CPU is not damaged and I am in the clear!
    What do you guys think??
    anandsap123, Aug 26, 2019
  4. nauzers Win User

    New PC build crashes daily

    PC Crashing on every game New PC build crashes daily :(

    OK what i am gonna do - i will take second pc from my friend... Will build all my sistem on his MB... And then if it crashes... - will step by step take out my parts and put his - untill i have no crash any more... Damn it sounds stupid and will take like all day :S... Any other ideas how to make effective testing if i have second PC?

    Or maybe give it away to disruption? *Big Grin New PC build crashes daily :D
    Разборка компьютеров в Китае (21 фото)
    nauzers, Aug 26, 2019

New PC build crashes daily

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