Windows 10: New PC build - Defect GPU?

Discus and support New PC build - Defect GPU? in Windows 10 Graphic Cards to solve the problem; Hello! after Posting multiple threads in the official amd Forum & support without getting any answers. I'm trying my luck here. I'm a NVIDIA user but... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Graphic Cards' started by tgodtaylor, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. New PC build - Defect GPU?

    after Posting multiple threads in the official amd Forum & support without getting any answers. I'm trying my luck here.

    I'm a NVIDIA user but because of the market boom of AMD Im proud to get a Radeon 5700. So I changed my graphicscard + Mainboard + CPU to AMD. Ryzen 7 2700 and MSI X570-A PRO.
    The purchased MSI OC MECH Radeon 5700 from Amazon came original packet. From a serious seller.

    When I install the graphics Driver. It hangs at the first step in Adrenalin Edition. "Checking for systemcompatibility"

    The System is Windows 1903 (newest one). Without antivirus or Software installed/enable. It makes no difference.
    The very strange Thing is. I can install the Driver only on Windows 10 before 1803 update! The Version in the year 2017.
    It works perfectly. But in the test time I got massive Bluescreens. Like DCP_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, SYSTEM SERVICE VIOLATION and some IRQL LESS OR EQUEL RAM errors..

    Updating the system with installed Driver, fails. Stucks at certain percent..

    After installing a newest Version of Windows 10 (the latest one). Fresh without Software installed, Windows Defender deactivated. I bind the graphis Driver over Windows and it hangs again!

    Also I bound the driver over cmd with the drvload64 command. It freezed only in the second installation process. But the driver .ini got installed successfully. Everything without Adrenalin Software.

    Now I can Play 4k on Ultra Settings with constant 60 FPS on most games. (3DMark couldn't work somehow.. Other benchmark got Fullscreen problems too. Can be software related)
    So .. what should I do now..?

    It seems Software related. but in other way not..

    Today I tryd linux (ubuntu) and it hangs in the installation process. I get the error with or without nomodeset:
    VGACOM disables amdgpu kernel modeset
    after some retries he resumes. But freezes soon.

    I may change the card. But in the time I get no integrated graphics card or a second one. Means, no output for some weeks.

    Test for incompatibilities or recharge? It seems AMD driver related...

    Thanks in advance guys

    tgodtaylor, Jan 25, 2020
  2. axe0 Win User

    B(lack)SOD after closing GPU demanding applications and games

    I would like to suggest 2 more things if you don't mind,
    1. Seat the GPU in another slot, if possible, and see if that helps anything
    2. Use the GPU in another system, if possible, this is a step to determine that it is really the GPU and not multiple defective slots or something else from the system.
  3. New System build Suggestions

    just another build suggestion to consider- System Builder
    BarbaricSoul, Jan 25, 2020
  4. New PC build - Defect GPU?

    PC Build Steps

    Ok just because I like steps i am going to create some steps. Please give me the stamp of approval/disapproval
    • Install system in case
      • Remember to connect SSD and optical to same SATA ports on motherboard
    • Turn on PC
    • setup HDD
    • run blend test in prime95 for 30-60 min
      • run realtemp at the same time
    • While in Prime95 test
      • if CPU goes above 70c in RealTemp, I have a leaky CPU
      • if my system locks up or blue screens, there is an instability in the system somewhere
      • if my system does not lock up or blue screen, my CPU is not damaged and I am in the clear!
    What do you guys think??
    anandsap123, Jan 25, 2020

New PC build - Defect GPU?

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