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Discus and support New windows 10 user needing help with slow internet speeds in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Hello, I am new to these forums and have updated to Windows 10 just a little over a month ago. When I upgraded I had to buy a new usb wifi adapter... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Aemon, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Aemon Win User

    New windows 10 user needing help with slow internet speeds


    I am new to these forums and have updated to Windows 10 just a little over a month ago. When I upgraded I had to buy a new usb wifi adapter for my computer as my old one would no longer work on Windows 10. I threw away the box on my new adapter but I think it is a AC600. At first my internet speeds were decent, and then they got even better with me often having download speeds on Steam over 1 MB/s. However, over the last few days my internet has not connected and today I managed to get it connected but now everything is so slow I cannot get webpages to load (was going to look for new drivers) or download any game updates. I did manage to get lucky and have Steam work a bit but I am working with a speed of 20 KB/s right now.

    I use Comcast Xfinity, but I don't think that is the problem. My iPad, iPhone, and the Mac laptop I am writing this on all work just fine. It is definitely my Windows 10 box. It is past the 1-month I had to roll back to Windows 7 so I need to figure out a good way to deal with this. Do I need a better wifi adapter? Do I need to change settings somewhere? I am up for giving anything a shot.

    Any help would be appreciated. I will go ahead an apologize if this exact question has been asked and answered before, I would hate for my first post on a new forum to be an easily found answer. However, I have not found anything that has worked with my problem yet, though my frustration may be playing into giving up early as well. I am somewhat decent at computers, but I do not know much about networking at all so I may need some detail in what I should try. Thanks so much for your help and your patience with me on this.

    Thanks again!

    Edit: Wow, I just went down to 12 BYTES/s on Steam. I didn't even know it was possible to go that slow!

    Aemon, Sep 2, 2016

  2. Windows 10 and Internet speed problems

    Hi, after update Windows 10 always freezing with internet connection, before update to latest version of Windows 10 speed of internet was on pc 100mbps, now about 50mbps. Always freezing internet page, need restart it, reconnect again. Recovery need. Stoping.
    Windowns 10 working slow, need a lot of time to load it. Do something. ANd why impossible to write to LIVE agent????? Transfer this problem to technical support center, I don't have time to sit here and wait until you to wite me... PC slow, internet slow and
    ect.... On android smartphone internet speed is good. Problem is with your windows 10
    Tvrkykitewindows, Sep 2, 2016
  3. WINDOWS 10 & EDGE PROBLEMS - SLOW WiFi connectivity; SLOW EDGE operations & connectivity

    I am having issues with Windows 10 being SLOW to connect to the internet; Edge is running very SLOW and delays when trying to connect anywhere; MS Office hangs and delays opening.

    I did not have these issues with Windows 8.1 that came on this NEW Dell laptop; but with force install of Windows 10, it is SLOW again! That was part of the reason for purchasing anew laptop - I wanted FASTER speed when using the internet and also MS Office

    Help from Microsoft would be wonderful!!!
    DarleneKisner, Sep 2, 2016
  4. New windows 10 user needing help with slow internet speeds

    I have had this same problem but after clearing a few dead files out and running a defrag I have not since had any trouble.
    Also have you tried to reboot your router as that might cause it.
    hTconeM9user, Sep 3, 2016
  5. Aemon Win User
    Thanks so much for your response! I have tried rebooting my router (at least, I turned it off for 20 seconds then back on). I can definitely try a defrag, but what do you mean by clearing out dead files?

    Thanks again!
    Aemon, Sep 3, 2016
  6. AndreTen Win User
    Hi Aemon and welcome to Ten forums.

    There have been a lot of reports of problems with WiFi after update to Windows 10.

    For clearing files you can install and run CCleaner. Free version will be enough. I'm not sure that this will resolve you issue.

    First thing to try is resetting your network settings in Settings / Network /Status - at the bottom of the page.

    As for buying other adapter... I would suggest to buy a network bridge or something similar and then connect your PC with Ethernet cable.
    I'm using something like shown in link below (I would make cable connection to router if it would be possible...). There are a lot of similar adapters and they are very stable and are not dependent on operating system.

    Repeater / bridge
    AndreTen, Sep 3, 2016
  7. Aemon Win User
    AndreTen, thank you for your response!

    I will give the ccleaner a try and will reset my network setting as well first.

    If all else fails I will give that bridge a try! I am not familiar with those range extenders but I think I could manage. When you say connect it with an ethernet cable, would you mean that I would put the range extender in the room with the computer and then link it up physically with the computer, or would I put the range extender in the room with the router and hook it to that?

    My router is downstairs with all of my tv/dvd/xbox stuff so I can't do a cable connection to both. At least, not without some serious work.

    I so appreciate the response! Thanks again!
    Aemon, Sep 3, 2016
  8. AndreTen Win User

    New windows 10 user needing help with slow internet speeds

    You have to put extender in the room with computer and use physical link from extender to computer. If you have multiple devices, then you buy device with multiple outputs, or you can use network switch.

    This is often called network bridge. It is not complicated to do and is in my opinion far more stable and better connection than Wifi on PC.

    To be clear, WiFi adapter should also work. In your case, upgrade from Windows 7 could be a problem. Just post back how it went with network reset and we'll proceed after that.
    AndreTen, Sep 3, 2016
  9. Aemon Win User
    Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

    I tried doing a network reset. In fact, I did it twice yesterday because not much changed the first time. After the second time things were a bit better. I got to the 300kb/s range when downloading from Steam. Still had trouble loading webpages with any speed though.

    Today when I got on the computer again it is connected to my network but says that there is no internet. So, doesn't look like that did the trick.

    I have been looking at those range extenders and I wonder if that may not be the best long term solution to my problem. I do play a good many games online and watch a lot of videos so having a direct hook-up may be a nice solution. I took a look at the one you recommended, and while a bit pricy, I found the model just below that to be a bit more in my price range (the AC1200 RE355) and it didn't look much worse than the one you recommended.

    If you think I should try and other steps first, though, I am up for anything!

    Also, thank you again for taking the time to help me out with this and walk me through all this! Your time is greatly appreciated.
    Aemon, Sep 3, 2016
  10. AndreTen Win User
    First we can try to identify Wifi problems, will return on wireless bridge later.

    One known problem with Wifi after Windows 10 upgrade is, if you previously have VPN client or connection.
    But in this situation your wifi probably wouldn't be connected at all. You can still try the fix. Procedure is described on MS support forums

    Next step is to identify what went wrong. Event viewer is often complicated to use, so run Reliability monitor. Just click start and type reliability and windows search will offer it - then click it. You will get information like in picture below. Click the date around that when problem started and look for updated network drivers.

    Also it would be great to provide information about exact wifi adapter model you have. You will find it under network adapters..
    About network extender... You can get one really cheap, if you decide to go just with 2.4 GHz adapter (WiFi-n). Look for some ASUS stuff, they are stable and fast.
    AndreTen, Sep 3, 2016
  11. Aemon Win User
    Ok, I followed the instructions for the VPN fix and ran the program it told me to. It said that there were no issues to fix.

    I went into the reliability monitor and did find that my wifi Adapter did have an update on 9/3. The first day I remember having trouble getting my wifi to work was the day before that I think, though I could be wrong.

    I couldn't find a section just called Network Adapters, but I did find under devices that my adapter is a Netgear A6100 Wifi Adapter. Is this the info you were asking for or should I look somewhere else?

    Thanks again!
    Aemon, Sep 3, 2016
  12. AndreTen Win User
    OK, I'll search about possible incompatibilities with latest drivers (from Microsoft and Netgear)

    Few more questions...
    Where is your adapter located (under the desk is not a good position, but you know that *Smile)?
    Is there a lot of WiFi networks (when you connect to wifi, how many neighbours do you see)?
    Are you using 2.4 (n) or 5GHz (ac) band? ac band is not very good at crossing floors...

    Edit: Netgear has updated drivers on their site. Did you try to install them? First you have to uninstall current drivers, unplug adapter and start installation of new drivers.
    AndreTen, Sep 3, 2016
  13. Aemon Win User

    New windows 10 user needing help with slow internet speeds

    Thank you for looking into that!

    I have my adapter in the usb port in the top of my pc. The computer itself is sitting beside the desk so it is completely open to the room. I usually get about 3-5 networks (4 now) that pop up when I look to connect to wifi. Also, I just checked and I am using 2.4 ghz.
    Aemon, Sep 3, 2016
  14. AndreTen Win User
    OK then, this is looking good to me. Try to install drivers from previous post.
    AndreTen, Sep 3, 2016
  15. Aemon Win User
    Ok, I uninstalled the old drivers, took out the adapter, installed the new ones and then plugged it back in when it told me too. Hooked back up to my network and all seemed well, but it still looks as if I am having the same problem. It found my network, but there is still no internet connection.

    It almost looked like it was going to give in for a second and cooperate *Smile
    Aemon, Sep 3, 2016

New windows 10 user needing help with slow internet speeds

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