Windows 10: No BIOS access... because of a monitor?

Discus and support No BIOS access... because of a monitor? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I recently built a new pc and all is well (except for my dislike of Win 10). During the building and setting up, I used what I will call 'Monitor A'.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Sikorski5689, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. No BIOS access... because of a monitor?

    I recently built a new pc and all is well (except for my dislike of Win 10).
    During the building and setting up, I used what I will call 'Monitor A'.

    A few days ago I decided to connect my older monitor (Monitor B) to
    see if I preferred it or not. I used the same HDMI cable for both monitors.
    The resolution is the same for both. The biggest difference is that Monitor B
    has a much lower refresh rate than Monitor A.

    Now the tricky part. At first, I didn't really notice that the pc (with Monitor B)
    booted with a black screen before the desktop loaded. When I booted the pc
    usinng a (Macrium) bootable USB stick, all I get is the black screen. I don' get
    the boot menu with F8. There is no boot screen, no blinking cursor, no nada.
    I restarted the pc, tapped 'Del' to get into the Bios and all I got was the same black
    screen. I had to hit the reset button to get back into Windows.

    So I disconnected Monitor B and reconnected Monitor A. It booted with the
    familiar Asus boot logo ... then into Windows. I had no issue getting into the
    Bios or boot options menu. I've switched monitors 3 or 4 times and this behaviour
    is consistent.

    Why on earth would I have this weird behaviour with Monitor B? Why would
    the Bios care which monitor is connected?? Its a head scratcher.


    Sikorski5689, Jan 14, 2021

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    I have an 8-year old computer running Win 10. I need to access the BIOS settings. It used to be the holding down the F2 key during startup would bring up the BIOS screen in Windows computers. But this no longer works. A web article listed a complicated
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    R BruceBeckner, Jan 14, 2021
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    Hi all i am new in this forum, i need meanings step by step of each item listed in the bios Phoenix-Award
    central473, Jan 14, 2021
  4. No BIOS access... because of a monitor?

    i have a problem to connect 2 monitors.

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    • What changes did you make in the BIOS? As making the changes in the BIOS is only recommended by Microsoft if done by the manufacturer.
    • How are you connecting to the 2nd monitor?
    I suggest you to follow the steps from this article below:

    [Applies to Windows 10 as well]

    SujataMoktan, Jan 14, 2021

No BIOS access... because of a monitor?

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