Windows 10: Norton's Tool Bar in IE 11 Disappeared Today

Discus and support Norton's Tool Bar in IE 11 Disappeared Today in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Well, that beats all. I was using my Desktop and IE 11 this morning and sometime this afternoon I noticed the Norton Tool bar was gone and now the... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by dustymars, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. dustymars Win User

    Norton's Tool Bar in IE 11 Disappeared Today

    Well, that beats all. I was using my Desktop and IE 11 this morning and sometime this afternoon I noticed the Norton Tool bar was gone and now the Norton auto log-on will not work. So, I did the circus tricks, reset IE 11, all that useless crap, uninstalled and installed Norton's, took three tries to download and install Norton's back on -- it finally worked for awhile, but still no Tool Bar. Then I was off then back on and the Tool Bar is missing again.

    So, I start up my laptop and guess what! The Norton's Tool Bar is gone. This is getting old folks. No PC stuff for dummies, I've been at this computer stuff for 60 years.......... Anyone have any magic tricks for this? Sometimes I think Microsoft and Norton's programmers went into deep sleep.

    dustymars, Sep 3, 2016

  2. Internet explorer freezes after the latest update.

    Original Post [IE 11 in Widows 10 Pro 64 Bit]

    When launching IE 11 it displays double tool bars - I have selected Menu Bar, Favorites Tool Bar and Roboform Tool Bar - IE 11 displays two complete sets of those tool bars at launch. When IE 11 is complely loaded it displays one set of tool bars correctly.

    Additionally, IE 11 is freezing when I click on a link form Outlook - it displays a blank tab and after a hesitation ti displays the site correctly but I'm not able to click on anything including the tab(s) that were already open. When right clicking on
    IE 11 in the taskbar and selecting close, it does not close or prompt me as to which tabs to close. And, I have to goto Task Manager to end process. FireFox and Chrome behave correctly.
    StarpilotSol, Sep 3, 2016
  3. In Windows 10 , how do you pin / add Internet Explorer 11 to the task bar

    I wish to get the icon for Internet Explorer 11 pinned to the task bar. The IE 11 Tools section has "Add site to Apps" and "Go to pinned sites" but nothing about how to pin/add IE 11 to the task bar.

    So I am asking: How do you pin/add Internet Explorer 11 to the task bar?


    1. I just stumbled upon "Make Internet Explorer your default browser",

    Look for the section: How do I pin Internet Explorer to my taskbar in the desktop?

    I could not get it to work. Maybe you will have better luck. If not, try my solution below.

    2. Below is a multi-step solution that I devised prior to finding the solution listed above.

    1. Go to Edge.

    2. Use Bing to do a search. Any word for a search argument will work just fine. I used " Cow ".

    3. Go to More Action and use the option: Open with Internet Explorer. Doing so will display the Bing output in IE 11. Right click on the Menu Bar and make any needed changes. Change the URL to your home page and refresh to display your home page
    web site. Make sure everything is displayed that you wish to display.

    4. Using IE 11 Tools, use Add Site to Apps.

    5. Then click on the window pane in the bottom, left side of the screen and look for the icon in the Recently Added section, the IE app should be listed there. If not, check the All apps section because the entry may have been put there. The home
    page name will be the title of the IE 11 session and the icon associated to the home page site will be the icon in the task bar.

    6. Right click on the Icon and select: Pin to task bar.

    7. Enjoy.

    Now the problem with the above instructions is that the icon pinned to the task bar will be the icon of the home page. If you like that then you can stop here. If you dislike the icon then do the following.

    1. Just use the icon a few times resulting in Internet Explorer being added to your Most Used list.

    2. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left part of the screen and checked the Most Used list located along the left edge of the screen.

    3. If Internet Explorer is in the Most Used list then right click on the IE 11 icon and click on Pin to Taskbar.

    4. Now click on the IE 11 icon on the Taskbar to start IE 11.

    5. Enjoy.

    Side comment: If you use Norton Security from Symantec, the add-ons Norton Tool Bar and Norton Identity Protection will be enabled but not displayed on the tool bar. This is a little confusing because their presence is displayed in other browsers.
    FrankBartling, Sep 3, 2016
  4. dustymars Win User

    Norton's Tool Bar in IE 11 Disappeared Today

    well, none of my auto fill-ins are working.
    dustymars, Sep 3, 2016
  5. dustymars Win User
    Both Norton's Tool bar and Identify Protection are enabled, but no tool bar appears on IE 11. The Tool Bar and Norton's Search just went away Friday without warming. I an scans, nothing appeared wrong. I was highly suspicious on Thursday when MS update (KB3150513) was installed, so I uninstalled it. That was an old update that mysteriously appeared on the wrong day. My auto fill in is inop, period.

    On NS identity window the Norton Toolbar says in red "configure." It takes me to a help page and says enable IE 11 Norton Toolbar, but it is already enabled, but does not appear on IE 11. Have disabled it, recycled IE, re-enabled, still no workie.

    Anyone have a clue?
    dustymars, Apr 5, 2018

Norton's Tool Bar in IE 11 Disappeared Today

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