Windows 10: Notification banner too small?

Discus and support Notification banner too small? in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Hello, I have been using Windows for forever, but this has never happened to me before. Simply put, instead of the normal size (taking up a... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/RBolton123, May 11, 2020.

  1. Notification banner too small?


    I have been using Windows for forever, but this has never happened to me before. Simply put, instead of the normal size (taking up a significant amount of the bottom right corner), the notifications banners are really tiny and don't even touch the corner (but are in the general area). They are hard to read and it's bugging me (pun not intended) even though I only found it a few minutes ago. I cannot find any setting to adjust the size of it, and the resolution is at its default so I have no idea really.

    I am running Windows 10 Home, Version 1909 and OS Build 18363.778. I am on a tablet PC as well.

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    /u/RBolton123, May 11, 2020

  2. Windows 10 Update Notification Banner During Fullscreen Windowed Mode Games

    In Windows 10, action center is where to find your app notifications, as well as quick actions, which give you quick access to commonly used settings and apps. Change your action center settings at any time from the Settings app.

    • Select the Start
      button, and then select the Settings
    • Go to System >
      Notifications & actions.
    • Do any of the following:
      • Turn notifications, banners, and sounds on or off for some or all notification senders.
      • Choose whether to see notifications on the lock screen.
      • Choose whether to see notifications when you're duplicating your screen.
      • Choose the quick actions you'll see in action center.
      • Turn tips, tricks, and suggestions about Windows on or off.
    V.4_Victory, May 11, 2020
  3. Mail sounds required, but not notification banners

    Hi Ian,

    We can try to modify the settings of Mail app on your computer and check if your concern still persists. Follow the steps below on how-to:

    • Click the Start button and select the Settings
    • Choose System from the list.
    • Select Notifications & actions in the left pane of the window.
    • Under Get notifications from these senders, click Mail.
    • Toggle the switch of Show notification banners to Off.

    Keep us in the loop with the result.
    Gerard Qui, May 11, 2020
  4. Notification banner too small?

    Mail sounds required, but not notification banners

    Where do these settings come from? I don't have the same. 2 possible locations. Within "system", then "notifications and actions". But the options there are:


    "get notifications from apps and other senders"

    "show notifications on the lock screen"

    "show reminders and incoming VoIP calls on the lock screen"

    "hide notifications when I'm duplicating my screen"

    "show me the windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what's new and suggested"

    Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use windows"

    Then below that there is:


    Banners, sounds


    Banners, sounds


    Banners, sounds

    Security and maintenance

    Banners, sounds


    Banners, sounds




    In the Mail notification settings there is:


    Apply to all accounts checkbox (it's checked).

    Below that there is:

    Show notifications in the action centre.


    Show a notification banner

    Play a sound

    Show notifications for folders pinned to start.


    So it seems to me that what I want is for the "show a notification banner" to be *unchecked*, and "play a sound" to be *checked*.

    However, if the "show a notification banner" is unchecked, then "play a sound" is greyed out. In other words it doesn't appear to be the case that I can have an email sound alert without getting popups/banners obscuring my screen.
    IanWardell, May 11, 2020

Notification banner too small?

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