Windows 10: NVIDIA card is not recognized

Discus and support NVIDIA card is not recognized in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Thanks in advance for any help. I'm running Windows 10 and it is fully updated. I'm running an NVIDIA 2070 card on my laptop and it is not showing up... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by JasonMount, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. NVIDIA card is not recognized

    Thanks in advance for any help. I'm running Windows 10 and it is fully updated.

    I'm running an NVIDIA 2070 card on my laptop and it is not showing up in my display adapters section in device manager. In fact, no display adapters are showing up in my device manager! yes, I've selected to show hidden in DM. At one point the card was showing up there but it had an error, stating that it was not connected properly ... it's a laptop so I don't suppose that it is connected improperly ... the computer hasn't been dropped or moved.

    I then removed it from DM and restarted the laptop, hoping that windows would spot it and reinstall but it won't.

    Prior to this, I fully updated the drivers and windows.

    I've gone in the bios to see if I could have dGPU selected as default instead of onboard graphics but there are no options for this. it's an HP Omen gaming laptop.

    There are no system restore points so I can't revert to prior restore points this wasn't activated. I activated it and there are no restore points available.

    So I am stuck with a super nice gaming laptop without a video card working and no other options.

    Looking forward to a solution!


    JasonMount, Mar 16, 2020

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    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for posting on Microsoft Community. I understand the inconvenience you are facing. I will certainly help you with this.

    I appreciate if you could answer few questions to narrow down the issue and to provide you better assistance.

    • Did you removed the NVidia graphics card before installing Radeon graphics card?
    • Is Radeon HD graphics card externally installed or internally installed?
    I suggest you to uninstall the Display adaptors (NVidia) drivers and check if it helps. Kindly follow the steps to uninstall Display drivers.

    • Press Windows key + X and select
      Device Manager
    • Search for NVidia Display Adapters and expand it.
    • Right click on the display driver
      and select Uninstall.

    Please post back with the results and the information asked, we will be glad to assist you further.

    Thank you
    Parth P Patel, Mar 16, 2020
  3. Nvidia graphics cards not recognized by claymore

    I am using Windows 10. I have installed 10 identical type Nvidia graphics cards. I am using ASRock H110 PRO BTC+ motherboard. It can handle up to 13 graphics cards. I have 2 power supplies and all 10 cards are spinning and have new drivers installed. when
    I open claymore mining program it only recognizes 7 of the cards. how can I get it to recognize the extra cards?
, Mar 16, 2020
  4. David Haz Win User

    NVIDIA card is not recognized

    Windows 10 recognizes my SD Card as a local drive


    You posted that you would try the suggested steps by Tryx3. May we have an update if the suggested steps have resolved the issue about your SD card being recognized as a fixed drive in Windows 10?
    David Haz, Mar 16, 2020

NVIDIA card is not recognized

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