Windows 10: NVIDIA Control Panel won't open

Discus and support NVIDIA Control Panel won't open in Windows 10 Graphic Cards to solve the problem; I can't get the NVIDIA Control Panel to open. I click on it through the Windows Control Panel and the cursor will spin for a few seconds, and you can... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Graphic Cards' started by Alley Cat, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Alley Cat Win User

    NVIDIA Control Panel won't open

    I can't get the NVIDIA Control Panel to open. I click on it through the Windows Control Panel and the cursor will spin for a few seconds, and you can see the process start and run for a few seconds in the Task Manager, then it stops. Will not open up. Tried rebooting, but no help. The system shows as up-to-date. Any ideas?

    Alley Cat, Aug 6, 2015

  2. Every Time I Clean Boot my Nvidia Control Panel Stops Working

    I tried to download Aerize Optimizer from Microsoft Store and it failed with error code 0x80240024. I did a suggested clean boot and my Nvidia Control Panel won't open. Sometimes it gives the message "Nvidia Control Panel Application 8.0.1.something
    has stopped working..." Sometimes it just won't open. In any event, I've never been able to download Aerize Optimizer or use my Nvidia Control Panel after a clean boot.
    StephenPlunkett, Aug 6, 2015
  3. Ralf_G Win User
    Nvidia Control Panel - Disappeared after Windows 10 Version 1703 update

    Open Windows Control Panel and then open the NVidia Control Panel by double clicking its icon. In the top menu of NVidia Control Panel there is a heading called "Desktop" with two switches, one to enable the Desktop context menu (ie right click for Nvidia
    control panel) and the other switch to put an NVidia icon in your Notification tray.

    NVIDIA Control Panel won't open [​IMG]

    Note that if you are using MS update video drivers there probably won't be an NVidia control panel installed with it. You'd need to download and install the appropriate drivers from NVidia, or your computer manufacturer if they supply Windows 10 drivers
    for the video card.
    Ralf_G, Aug 6, 2015
  4. UKMedia Win User

    NVIDIA Control Panel won't open


    Did you clean install the driver, via the Custom option?

    UKMedia, Aug 6, 2015
  5. Alley Cat Win User
    I'm honestly not sure where the Custom option is yet. *Sad

    However, I went into Control Panel/Device Manager and clicked on the display adapter. I selected "Update Driver" and it downloaded and installed 353.62. After I rebooted I had a NVIDIA icon in the system tray which I was able to right-click and launch the control panel from there. Interestingly enough, Windows Update said their were no updates when I checked last night.

    Anyway, looks like problem solved. Thanks for the response!
    Alley Cat, Apr 5, 2018

NVIDIA Control Panel won't open

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