Windows 10: Occasional no video on startup (though it is booting)

Discus and support Occasional no video on startup (though it is booting) in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello guys! So every once in a while when I start my computer my monitor will have no video. It is booting normally, because even if I can't see... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by apav, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. apav Win User

    Occasional no video on startup (though it is booting)

    Hello guys!

    So every once in a while when I start my computer my monitor will have no video. It is booting normally, because even if I can't see anything, if I wait a few seconds until when it normally gets to the password screen I can enter my password and then I hear a notification sound that plays every time I first get to my desktop. I am using the latest graphics drivers and have not had any other video related issues besides this. The only way to "fix" this issue is to turn my computer off and leave it for a while. After a while when I turn it on again it works normally. If I don't wait and keep restarting the computer, I'll get no video every time I boot. This has been going on for a few months now and it's starting to become an annoyance. I really don't have any ideas of what this could be. Appreciate the help!

    i5 2500k OC'ed to 4.5ghz
    EVGA GTX 780 3GB SC
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    ASUS P8Z68-V motherboard
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (on anniversary update but the issue also occurred before I updated)

    apav, Sep 2, 2016
  2. SBDavin Win User

    New 2520 multiple lockups BSD and reboot

    I've have mine for about six (6) weeks and it started doing something like this too. No BSOD, though. Mine randomly restarts whenever it wants and then it cannot restart Windows. It just sits and spins at the Nokia Startup screen.

    I have reset the machine at least a dozen time. No luck. A few imes, it mentioned that the video had stopped. Now I cannot start Windows, no matter what. Occasionally, it boots to try repairing itself but that fails too.

    I cannot even boot to Windows now.

    I miss using it.

    I've contact Nokia last week. They are mailing me a box to mail it back to them for repairs/replacement.
    SBDavin, Sep 2, 2016
  3. Where are drivers for Lifecam Studio for Windows 10?

    I might try that again, though I'm a bit reluctant to try anything again...

    Mine has stabilised a fair bit - though still not fully working all of the time - during the last few cumulative updates, in the last 3-4 weeks. The camera works during Skype video (both the desktop and new W10 app), though occasionally the blue light on
    top of the camera flickers and video is interrupted for a second or two. I do occasionally have to reboot my PC to get Skype to recognise the camera being available. Sometimes the camera icon on Skype (W10 app or desktop) isn't there, but this is resolved
    with a reboot. So I'd say, the driver issues still aren't fully fixed.
    Litepurple(2), Sep 2, 2016
  4. dalchina New Member

    Occasional no video on startup (though it is booting)

    Maybe sthg to do with fast startup. Try turning it off if it's on. Easy and quick to try.
    dalchina, Sep 2, 2016
  5. apav Win User
    Thanks for the tip. Welp. Immediately after turning off fast startup and shutting down my computer, I didn't have any video when I turned it on again seconds later. I had a feeling that was going to happen. It definitely is booting into Windows though. For example, instead of turning off immediately when I press the power button like it would do if it wasn't posting, it takes the same amount of time to shut down as if I clicked shut down in Windows. This is so weird.

    Any other ideas? Thanks!
    apav, Sep 3, 2016
  6. dalchina New Member
    How are you trying to play a video? In a browser? In a dedicated player? If you can be specific, someone may be able to suggest sthg.

    If you are using a player, is this different or better in Safe Mode?

    What happens after a clean boot?

    Or do you actually mean that your screen is black- no picture- no desktop display, rather than a problem playing videos?
    dalchina, Sep 3, 2016
  7. apav Win User
    Allow me to clarify my wording. When this happens I am getting no picture from my monitor whatsoever, the entire screen is blank and light on the monitor is blinking (instead of the light being solid and showing picture). By video I mean signal, not an actual video. However, I know it is just the video signal since I can hear a Windows notification sound play after I type in my password like normal, and if I manually press the power button on my computer it wil shut down after a few seconds like normal. This means that Windows is working, I just can't see anything when the problem arises. It happens pretty infrequently, but when it does I have to leave my computer off for at least 30 minutes for it to go back to normal (getting a signal to my monitor when I turn it back on).
    apav, Sep 3, 2016
  8. dalchina New Member

    Occasional no video on startup (though it is booting)

    dalchina, Sep 3, 2016
  9. apav Win User
    apav, Sep 6, 2016
  10. apav Win User
    Didn't work for me unfortunately. This could be just a coincedence, but I was able to get it to work again right after the issue happened earlier today. When I didn't get a signal, I checked the back of my tower and noticed one of the lights was flickering. I thought it could be a power issue, so I took the side off and pressed in the power connectors to the GPU. They felt already tight so I thought the connection was fine, but when I restarted the computer (a minute after the issue happened again), I got signal to my monitor. That's the shortest amount of time it has ever taken to start working again.

    Like I said, I think it was a random occurence, as the power connectors didn't feel loose. I don't think that fixed it for good (or at all), but we'll see.

Occasional no video on startup (though it is booting)

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