Windows 10: Odd Start Menu Behaviour

Discus and support Odd Start Menu Behaviour in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi, In addition to the odd behaviour of shortcuts on one machine (detailed in this thread: Odd problem with shortcut) I also have this oddity. The... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by ArthurDent, Aug 21, 2021.

  1. Odd Start Menu Behaviour

    Hi, In addition to the odd behaviour of shortcuts on one machine (detailed in this thread: Odd problem with shortcut) I also have this oddity. The laptop has a start menu that is wide enough to fit 4 large 'live tiles' (?) side by side or 8 small tiles. The desktop has a width that only accommodates 3 large or 6 small tiles side by side. I searched for this on Tenforums and followed Brink's advice for another user, hovering over the borders of the start menu with the mouse cursor until I get the 'resize' arrows but when I drag the desktop's start menu to the larger (4 / 8 tile width), it 'snaps back' immediately to the smaller 3 / 6 tile width. The 'resize' arrows work as expected on the laptop's start menu. Any ideas what's going on here and how to fix it? Ideally, I'd like the same width of start menu on both machines so that I can place identical apps in identical places and avoid the 'change which car you're driving and which side is the fuel filler on?' kind of thing. Any help gladly welcomed. A doubly-confused Art!

    ArthurDent, Aug 21, 2021

  2. Odd behaviour of Format Painter

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I misunderstood what you had said about pasting - I guess I read the first paragraph and then lept to the document without reading the rest.

    Anyway ...

    I wrote two short passages of text. One in Arial italic 11pt and the other in Berlin Sans FB Bold 14pt.


    Odd Start Menu Behaviour [​IMG]

    I then 'Format Painted' the Arial text onto a part of the Berlin Sans text and Format Painter worked as expected.


    Odd Start Menu Behaviour [​IMG]

    Will now try your suggestion which replicates what I was doing but avoiding the Notepad step.



    Well, I went to the web souce and copied some text then pasted it into my docuement using the 'Paste Special', 'Paste as Unformatted Text' and I got the copied tect from the web in the same font as the line above (as expected since Word hadn't changed the formatting).

    I then took two different font styles from further up the document to test using Format Painter.

    The first worked as expected, keeping the font bold but changing the text from Berin Sans FB 14pt Bold to Arial 12pt bold.

    The second didn't work as expected. The font style selected for copying was Arial 24pt normal but using Format Painter it changed the style from Berin Sans FB 14pt Bold to Arial 12pt bold - i.e. keeping the bold text option/flag (whatever).

    Odd Start Menu Behaviour [​IMG]

    Something very odd going on and, as you intimated, some sort of 'formatting carry-over' fromNotepad.

    Most curious.

    ArthurDent, Aug 21, 2021
  3. THX1138 Win User
    Searching from Start menu: unfathomable behaviour

    If I search for "so" in the Start menu, I get the sound settings suggested. If I search for "soun" in the Start menu, I get a different result, even though both results contain both "so" and "soun". Why aren't both results presented? That would be ideal. Is there a way to get the search function to perform as expected and present all matching results including both the sound settings and the "Sound Deck" program for both querries "so" and "soun"? Thanks.

    Odd Start Menu Behaviour [​IMG]
    THX1138, Aug 21, 2021
  4. dma02 Win User

    Odd Start Menu Behaviour

    N96 Odd rotate Behaviour

    I've stopped using the carrying case for a few days and I stopped getting that odd behaviour so I was sure it was the case. I'll go look for a better one this time.

    thanks for replies.
    dma02, Aug 21, 2021

Odd Start Menu Behaviour

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