Windows 10: Office 2010 cannot open malfunction.

Discus and support Office 2010 cannot open malfunction. in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; *Sad Hi everyone,I could do with some help,please. I have always used Microsoft Office 2010, ( Outlook) to recieve my emails. It was working... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by Mothie, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Mothie Win User

    Office 2010 cannot open malfunction.

    *Sad Hi everyone,I could do with some help,please.

    I have always used Microsoft Office 2010, ( Outlook) to recieve my emails. It was working perfectly up and until Tuesday (yesterday). When I started it up today, it refused to open .
    It went through the normal procedure of checking add-ons then hung on the following checking process:-
    I know cannot get into outlook at all.

    My OS is Microsoft Windows 10 pro x 64bit

    Not too long before I had recieved updates. This is worrying as i cannot get at all my stored emails.

    *Confused Help! please.

    Mothie, Dec 13, 2017

  2. Accessing ANY Office 2013 function in Windows 10 after 1/1/2016

    I cannot access Word 2013, Outlook 2013, or Excel 2013. This is the first time I have tried since 1/1. I can open any Office 2010 files but the 2010 programs will not access any of those created by the Office 2013 versions.
    DavidDavisson, Dec 13, 2017
  3. SW360 Win User
    Office Starter 2010 and Windows 10

    I would like someone from Microsoft who actually knows the answer to this question respond today. In the last hours of the free upgrade to Windows 10, I cannot find a solid response.

    Does Office Starter 2010, which came pre-loaded on my Windows 7 machine, install with the Windows 10 upgrade?

    Will I be able to use my Office Starter 2010 after I upgrade to Windows 10?

    Do I lose the ability to open the hundreds of documents stored on my machine and saved in Office Starter 2010 Word or Excel after an upgrade to Windows 10?

    If I cannot use the Office Starter 2010 product I paid for, can I get my money back or a free install of Office 365?
    SW360, Dec 13, 2017
  4. Office 2010 cannot open malfunction.

    Hi Mothie.

    First thing I would do, restart computer. I've had Outlook 2013 fail to start and a restart fixes. Maybe you've already done this.

    Do you have restore points enabled? If so is there one just before the updates. Patch Tuesday was yesterday so a restore point from Sunday would be handy.

    Failing that did you move your PST file in to your documents folder so it would be included with your backups?

    If not it should be here... Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

    You may have to show hidden files to see Appdata path.

    When you find your PST file please make a copy in case something happens.

    Outlook 2010 has several switches you can use

    I would try the /safe

    Then you can work at removing what it hung on, an ad server.

    These switches can cause unexpected disaster, don't just try them for trying.

    You may have to create a new profile and then import you existing PST. This may cause some mail loss depending on the state when everything died, if you are using IMAP or POP (and how long you save mail on POP server.) IMAP is ideal.

    Are you using IMAP or POP. When you start it and it fails to start what is recorded in event viewer.
    Caledon Ken, Dec 13, 2017
  5. Steve C Win User
    Do an Office 2010 repair install.
    Steve C, Dec 14, 2017
  6. Mothie Win User
    *Thumbs Thanks gentlemen. Sorted. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL.
    Mothie, Dec 14, 2017
  7. Hey Mothie, could you tell us what you did. May help others.

    Caledon Ken, Dec 15, 2017
  8. Mothie Win User

    Office 2010 cannot open malfunction.

    *DohThis is genuinely very embarrassing Caledon Ken. I really and truly do not know the answer to that question as i tried so many permutations to get back into Microsoft Outlook 2010, including those suggested by the other members, that,I honestly do not know which one opened up outlook for me.

    When it opened up I was able to reset viewing image patterns and I remember that I switched off, automatically downloading pictures located in Trust Centre, which later on,I re-switched to back ON.

    What I do know is that this all came about right after a culmalative update from Windows (KB4054517) and Office update (KB40116180.
    Truly sorry that i could not give you a more definitive answer.*Banghead
    Mothie, Dec 16, 2017
  9. Thanks. Good luck.

    I hope you located your PST file and place it in the path of your backup.

    Take care.
    Caledon Ken, Apr 5, 2018

Office 2010 cannot open malfunction.

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