Windows 10: Office 2016 Manual set up problems

Discus and support Office 2016 Manual set up problems in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; Hi folks I've complained about this before but OUTLOOK 2016 still tries to auto create an account even when you select "manual". It still does this... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by jimbo45, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. jimbo45 Win User

    Office 2016 Manual set up problems

    Hi folks

    I've complained about this before but OUTLOOK 2016 still tries to auto create an account even when you select "manual". It still does this after latest update.

    Outlook 365 might be OK as presumably you go through some sort of "subscription set up" in the first place - I don't have outlook 365 so can't test. Also for a lot of people say on generic servers like gmail the "auto config" probably works - but it's no good if you have your own domain with your own email servers, different passwords / logins, use non standard ports and have encryption options

    The only way you can get to the "Classic setup manually screen" is to use the applet in the control panel (yes control panel still exists) -- if you can't find control panel just search from the windows menu and enter control panel. You can send to desktop by going to file location and then -->send to desktop as a shortcut.

    Office 2016 Manual set up problems [​IMG]

    Then you can proceed normally

    otherwise you get that wretched auto screen which fails when it can't find your email address which is likely if you are setting up one on your own domain or a special work one. Even on manual you have to enter an email address and then it says connect -- no good if inbound and outbound email servers different, you have different password on outbound server to inbound or any sort of encryption e.g tls or whatever.

    Sometimes these "auto config" procedures are dumbed down too much !!!

    screen shots -- first one when setting up accounts from within outlook.

    as you can see you have to enter an email address and then your only option is connect --and if it fails then you are hosed royally.

    Office 2016 Manual set up problems [​IMG]

    Next screenshots :

    From within control panel you can get the classic set up screens which allows you to properly manually configure your email. Use control panel applet shown in first screen shot.

    Office 2016 Manual set up problems [​IMG]

    Office 2016 Manual set up problems [​IMG]


    jimbo45, Aug 24, 2018
  2. Ralph Sta Win User

    Office 2016 programs are not grouped under Microsoft Office 2016


    To address your concern, you can compress the view of your Microsoft Office programs inside a single folder in the Start Menu. To do this, follow the steps below:

    • Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.
    • Right-click on a blank space, click New > Folder.
    • Rename the New Folder as Microsoft Office 2016 (or any name that you want).
    • Highlight all the Microsoft Office 2016 programs.
    • On your keyboard, press Ctrl + X (make sure that all programs are highlighted).
    • Double-click Microsoft Office 2016 folder (the folder that you've created).
    • On your keyboard, press Ctrl + V.
    • Wait until all the programs are moved to the new folder.
    • Check the Start Menu if the settings are saved.

    Let us know the outcome after you perform steps above for us to assist you further.
    Ralph Sta, Aug 24, 2018
  3. Ugo Lopez Win User
    Setting office 2016 as a default

    Ok, let's go step by step so.

    Could you please uninstall, restart, reinstall and restart again only Office 2016 32 bits? Can you check if it works?
    Ugo Lopez, Aug 24, 2018
  4. Chronia Win User

    Office 2016 Manual set up problems

    Office 2016 Professional will not complete installation

    Searched the forums but did not come up with this problem being posted here yet. so apologies if I missed it am repeating this.

    I have a Windows 10 on my computer and recently acquired a copy of Office 2016 Professional through Hubby's work for a discount. However We have been trying for 3 days now to install it and it will not complete the installation. The most common problem being that it hangs at 90% and just sits there and won't progress any further even after being left over night.

    I have tried posting this problem on the Microsoft Community boards but they have been less than helpful in finding a solution. Of the things they have suggested, I tried them all but to no avail. The suggestions they gave that I have tried are as follows:

    "Follow these steps and download Office 2016 again:
    • First, check the type of internet connection you are using (Wired or Wireless)?
    • If you are using a wireless connection then you may try to hardwire the connection.
    Try downloading Office 2016 now and check if you are able to install Office 2016 normally.
    In case the above step still does not work then follow these steps.

    • Stop the Print Spooler service from Services.msc.
    • Disable the Anti-Virus/Security Software for a while, until you complete installing Office 2016.
    Check if you are able to install Office 2016 now."

    Nope didn't work, and my computer ishardwired. Next advice they gave was as follows and also didn't work:

    "In Task Manager make sure there are no Office 2016 or Office tasks running. Then restart the computer and try installing Office 2016 again, making sure that there are no Office tasks are running in Task Manager prior to running the Office 2016 installation.

    Check the above and let us know if it helps."

    Nope, still notta.

    While it is hanging at 90% I have checked my task manager and all the columns (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) were all sitting at 0.

    Funny thing is Hubby was able to acquire a second copy via coworker and it installed completely fine without issue on our windows 7 laptop.

    We do not have any other copies of Office or any office related program on this computer, nor has there ever been. We have uninstalled, rebooted and tried reinstalling several times all with the same result of getting stuck at 90% then going nowhere. We even tried the 32 bit version in hope that it would work because the 64 bit version wouldn't install, but 32 or 64, it's the same problem.

    There was ONE time, and one time only, though, I couldn't tell you what, if anything, we did differently, that it got past 90% and came up with an error message saying some items couldn't be installed because of some reason (I failed to take note of it at the time and it hasn't recurred since) and gave me the option to retry installing those items (it didn't list what they were) or ignore. So I clicked retry, and after a several minutes of it trying again the same message popped up. I believe I tried retry three more times before finally clicking ignore and being told that if I ignored it that I may have to go into program and setting later to repair office because some feature may not work right.

    At that point Office SEEMED to work...until I rebooted the computer. At that point I got a pop-up message (which I again failed to take note of) with an error saying I need to run the installer again because it didn't install or finish installing or something of that nature. So I ran the installer again. this time it hung at 1% and didn't move even after hours of letting it run.

    So again I uninstalled everything rebooted and started fresh and am now back at the hanging at 90% thing. It's very frustrating. A brand new expensive product that is meant for windows 10 but can't be installed on it? I'm very perplexed.

    Any thoughts on this or what I can try or do?
    Chronia, Aug 24, 2018

Office 2016 Manual set up problems

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