Windows 10: Office 365 - uninstall before installing own copy of Office?

Discus and support Office 365 - uninstall before installing own copy of Office? in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; Hi... My lady friend of the moment has been given an Asus Vivobook as a birthday present. It's a basic unit with an 11.6'' screen which she'd... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by kwil, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. kwil Win User

    Office 365 - uninstall before installing own copy of Office?


    My lady friend of the moment has been given an Asus Vivobook as a birthday present.

    It's a basic unit with an 11.6'' screen which she'd like to use instead of her laptop, when she needs something lighter and easily carried.

    The Asus comes loaded with Windows 10 and a one-year subscription of Office 365, which needs activation before it can be used.

    Now, sorry folks, I have to admit I'm just not sold on Win10 myself, still using Win7 happily and as far as I'm concerned having to pay Microsoft every year after the 365 subscription is over is not on.
    Consequently, I've told her to hang fire before she activates 365.

    Now, she has her own legitimate full copy of Microsoft Office 2007 which she likes and uses already, so two questions, since guess who's going to have to do this for her*Smile:

    1. Assuming it's possible, is it best to uninstall 365 first, then install Office 2007?

    2. Or, without activating 365 and simply installing Office over it, will this conflict with the 365?

    I'd appreciate any thought or suggestions on this, especially from someone who's actually loaded their own version of Office instead of 365 in a similar situation.

    Many thanks


  2. Updates KB3128020, KB3128022, KB3128024 being forced on WIndows 10, why?

    Did you uninstall Office 2003 before you installed Office 365?
    PA Bear - MS MVP, Apr 22, 2017
  3. Callia51 Win User
    Mail Icon missing in Windows 10 Control Panel

    I did something kind of similar and it worked for me. I had been trying to install a copy of Office 2016 from Office 365 and the icon just would not appear no matter what. I tried 32 and 64 bit both to no avail.

    I completely uninstalled Office and by that I mean I used Microsoft's Office Removal Tool: Use Microsoft Office Removal Tool to Completely Uninstall Office |... (Google for it if this link stops working) and I also found
    in the registry where the Mail icon in the Control Panel resides and backed up/deleted the key, and then I rebooted the computer.

    I then installed my own copy of Office 2016 Professional Plus. I didn't try a clean install of Office 365, that may have worked. I just thought I needed to try something different and happened to have the .iso handy. Lo and behold, it worked! The Mail icon
    reappeared and I was able to get my user set up without any more issues.

    It definitely sounds like a complete uninstall followed by a clean install is probably the answer here.
    Callia51, Apr 22, 2017
  4. Office 365 - uninstall before installing own copy of Office?

    Hi kwil. Welcome to the TenForums @kwil

    First as you are likely aware support for Office 2007 expires this year in October. While leasing Office 365 on one machine for $99 is not a good business case the fact they provide five licenses starts to change the equation, especially for those who want to be current or if they want the Outlook email client. (and you get all the other products.)

    One man's opinion on whether to uninstall Office 365 or not. I have found over the years, having two "Offices" leads to issues. I remember several years back when I installed Office 2013 with 2010 already installed Outlook was particularly troublesome.

    Additional information can be found in this article. If you scroll down you will see the link on Office 2007 and Office 2016.

    Caledon Ken, Apr 23, 2017
  5. kwil Win User
    Hi Ken...

    Many thanks for taking time to reply.

    Yes, I was aware of support for Win7 being withdrawn in October.
    Your point re: 99 bucks & 365 etc is well-taken, but would be economically stupid in this particular case.

    Though you say you've had 'issues' with dual-Office installations, I'm assuming you didn't, in your example, simply uninstall 2010 before installing 2013. I think I would've done that...unless it wasn't for some reason possible??

    Loss of Outlook would not be a problem (the damsel in question is a Gmail fan anyway) as long as Office 2007 does what it's supposed to.

    So, my main query remains: is it possible to ditch 365 and load Office 2007?

    Any other suggestions or comments welcome...

  6. What I did was install Office 2013 while keeping 2010 install. What I was doing was using Outlook 2010 and didn't want to move.

    Syncing and sending became an issue, they would work, then they wouldn't. To fix I backed up Outlook 2010, made the jump to Outlook 2013 and uninstalled 2010.

    Yes it is possible to ditch 365 and install 2007, at least I know of no restriction.
    Caledon Ken, Apr 5, 2018

Office 365 - uninstall before installing own copy of Office?

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