Windows 10: Office365 subscritions and Microsoft account

Discus and support Office365 subscritions and Microsoft account in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; I read that the Microsoft account can have only one active Office 365 and if you order more than one subscription , you only extend the time of that... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by ReetTees, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. ReetTees Win User

    Office365 subscritions and Microsoft account

    I read that the Microsoft account can have only one active Office 365 and if you order more than one subscription , you only extend the time of that Microsoft account, not increase the number of Office installs.

    So what can I do. I have only one Microsoft account. I login to my two LapTops with my outlook ID and the same password. I have Office 365 0n both LapTops purchased at different times. I can see that my Licence runs till October 06, 2019. I have recurring billing, either using my Credit card or PayPal account.

    The renewal date is the same for both LapTops. This I cannot understand or find help for my question. One account, two Laptops, both with Office 365, One annual charge, probably just for one LapTop. I am completely mixed up. If I add more money, it would not solve anything as it would just go onto the one LapTop and I need both LapTops to be up to date with Office 365, but amongst your thousand Questions and answers from your computer help, I do not find a solution. Not even be able to describe my problem.

    If I look in My Microsoft account I see also one more licence, "Home and Student". How do I remove this, because it was on an I-Pad which I rubbished off because it was unusable.

    I have two devices ASUSPC and LapTop 470NOUAK. Both should have Office 365 on them.

    I really need help and not a stupid computer asking preset questions, and giving preset answers, which do not help.

    I would really appreciate help on this mater.

    ReetTees, Jan 19, 2019

  2. Can I link an Office365 account with an Azure instance with a Microsoft Dev Center account?

    Hi Aera,

    I've got the Office365 account linked to Azure, no troubles there; my issue now is I'd like to create a Dev Center account with that Office365 account and it doesn't let me do that. It just gives me the
    "You are signed in as ********@******** which is not associated with a Dev Center account. If you believe this is an error, try deleting your browser cookies and then do one of the following" message which doesn't help.

    Is this because it's an Office365 account? Or because the admin of the accounts needs to allow access to create the Dev Center account? Or can I link my personal Microsoft account to the Office365 account? Or does it not matter if the bot is listed
    by my personal account, if all the development and hosting is done on the workplace one?


    Samuel Coianiz, Jan 19, 2019
  3. Retail licens with Office365 account

    So to sum up, Office365 account is NOT a Microsoft account?

    And it WONT be possible to activate and store Windows 10 pro retail keys in a Office365 account?

    For this i WILL need a Microsoft account in form of or

    Best regards

    Mike Kristensen
    MikeKristensen, Jan 19, 2019
  4. Office365 subscritions and Microsoft account

    how to add multiple Office365 account


    I am just trying to configure Windows 10 at computers at school where I teach computer science. All of our students and staff has Office365 account, therefore I would like to add on some computers all Office365 accounts, but on some only teachers' accounts
    (to let not the students use them at all). I would like to list accounts in a lock screen like we had it with local accounts at Windows 8.1, i.e. without necessity to type the email address every time.

    However, when I am trying to add accounts via control panel, it is only possible to add there Live account or create a new local account. On the other side, when I choose option "other user" at the lock screen, I could type there any existing Office365 email
    an password and the system let me in. How is it possible to administrate permissions for individual Office365 users? Thank you.

    Roman Ujbányai, Jan 19, 2019

Office365 subscritions and Microsoft account

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