Windows 10: Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed

Discus and support Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Windows 9 is very likely to get its very first preview build late next month, but officially speaking, little is known so far about what’s expected to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by labeeman, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. labeeman Win User

    Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed


    labeeman, Aug 25, 2014
  2. Bobby549 Win User

    Can't update window phone 8.1 and restore data one lumia 1520 !!!!!!!!

    I bought the lumia 1520 in Vietnam last year. Then , I went to US using T-mobile service. While staying in US, I downloaded window phones 8.1 preview in April.

    Finally , the official window phone 8.1 expects to reveal in the end of July. As I read on website, I have to downgrade to OS 8 before updating the new official one. I try to follow all instructions but eventually I can't update the new official one as
    well as lost all stored data that I created in the preview version.

    1- Someone knows what's happening in my lumia 1520 about software update ? I'm still in US .

    2- How can I get back stored data saving in the preview version ?
    Bobby549, Aug 25, 2014
  3. why name it windows 10 and not 9?

    What happened to Windows 9?

    There was never a Windows 9, Microsoft skipped this number and went to 10 instead. Company officials decided to choose 10 because they believe this release is a 'Perfect 10' and to also signify this is the last major release of Windows. There will
    still be revisions of Windows 10, just don't expect there to be a Windows 11, Windows 12 etc. Initially revealed at BUILD 2014 as a minor update called ‘Threshold’, Windows 10 was originally intended be a minor Update 2 for Windows 8.1. Somewhere along the
    way, plans changed and the operating system evolved into the major revision we have today.
    Andre Da Costa, Aug 25, 2014
  4. Superfly Win User

    Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed

    Some WZor's tweets translated by 'Superuser' at MDL.

    Source: WZor
    Superfly, Aug 25, 2014
  5. Interesting

    Now to wait for the price of it, but getting an offer of $20 doesn't sound much, unless it means 9 will be available for $20 then that is good
    paulsalter, Aug 25, 2014
  6. Rickkins Win User
    How about "Not Eight" as it's new name....*Thumbs

    (sorry, I couldn't resist.)
    Rickkins, Aug 25, 2014
  7. BunnyJ New Member
    *Wink Or how about any thing but 8??
    BunnyJ, Aug 25, 2014
  8. Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed

    I think a few were hoping for a Monty Python edition, "And now for something completely different". *Wink

    Just for the record, I'm not one of them.
    alphanumeric, Aug 25, 2014
  9. "Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise." Looks like Microsoft is keeping its tradition of mouthful titles.... *Smile

    Seriously, I want no more Aero iconography on the Desktop. Get that crap out there! The UX of Windows 8 sometimes looks weird because of these 3D, shiny icons versus the flat modern ones. That's not going to be ANY better when a mini-Start Screen shows up.
    Coke Robot, Aug 25, 2014
  10. Superfly Win User
    Superfly, Aug 25, 2014
  11. Trust_No1 Win User
    I love the Aero themes, I wish they would bring it back
    and the advance screen for customizing would be a nice touch also.

    I hope you can turn it off, going to Metro the way it is in Windows 8 is just fine for me.
    Trust_No1, Aug 26, 2014
  12. Tony K Win User
    Softpedia has to be one of the worst......

    Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed 4829d1485947884t-official-windows-9-preview-name-revealed-puking-pumpkin.jpg

    .....Oh, sorry. had to get that out..........sites on the Net!
    Tony K, Aug 26, 2014
  13. Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed

    Not sure if I like that start menu

    Wonder if anyone will write a StartScreen9 app which replicates what we have in Windows 8 *Smile
    paulsalter, Aug 26, 2014
  14. BunnyJ New Member
    If the start menu looks like that I just hope we can still make use of start menus like ClassicShell.

    BunnyJ, Aug 26, 2014
  15. Superfly Win User
    Well, here's hoping there are sufficient configuration options to tweak it that all will be happy ...

    - M$ can then rename it Windows Utopia... got a nice ring to it hey? LOL
    Superfly, Aug 26, 2014

Official Windows 9 Preview Name Revealed

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