Windows 10: Offline Files disabled itself

Discus and support Offline Files disabled itself in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; There wasn't a forum called Features, Settings, Control Panel, or something of that nature so I wasn't sure where to put this. We use a folder... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by sandersfbc85, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Offline Files disabled itself

    There wasn't a forum called Features, Settings, Control Panel, or something of that nature so I wasn't sure where to put this.

    We use a folder redirection GPO from our Server 2008 R2 machine, and offline files sync automatically when they log in while on our network. It hasn't been a problem with Windows 7 for several years. So now I'm in the beginnings of slowly deploying Win 10. The first real test is a laptop (an ASUS Transformer flip book) belonging to one of our staff. I set it up, got it upgraded, and made sure her offline files were syncing, which they were.

    Last night she sends me a text, showing me that when she tried to open her My Documents folder, it couldn't access the server. My first thought was that the sync never fully completed and that those files just weren't available offline yet. So today I go in, and first of all, simply finding the Offline Files Manager and the Sync Center turned out to be a big hassle. When I hit the Windows key and type it in like I normally do, it pulls up a settings icon with "Manage Offline Files" or "Sync Center" next to it, but it takes me to a screen that only has one option called "Work Folders," which is something completely different that I'm not even familiar with. Finally I found that if I open the Control Panel, and change the view to Small Icons, the Sync Center finally shows up and I'm able to open it from there.

    So anyway, I open it up, and it shows that the most recent sync was yesterday. So I go to Manage Offline Files, and lo and behold, Offline Files is disabled. If that had been the case before yesterday, it would not have completed or even attempted a sync. So at some point between when the sync completed and when she tried to access her files at home, Offline Files became disabled somehow. Is there some way she could have done it accidentally? (I don't see how). Or did it turn itself off for some reason?

    I'll be watching to see if it happens again.

    sandersfbc85, Sep 22, 2015

  2. Change Offline Files in Windows 10 to "Disable offline files"

    I want to change the "Offline Files" in Windows 10 to "Disable offline files". All I have seen so far is how to disable or enable Offline Files. I can do those functions thru a GPO, etc.. but what I want to do is

    1. turn on the usability of Offline Files for the users

    2. Change the default so that Offline Files is turned off, unless the user turns it on
    Citizen316, Sep 22, 2015
  3. Deleting old CSC cache from Win 7 in Windows 10


    Check out:

    How to Properly Disable Offline Files in Windows Vista

    Especially this part is interesting!

    When the customer disabled Offline Files on the Vista machines, she manually disabled the Offline Files service on each machine, and she never made any change to the Offline Files GUI in Control Panel. I found that when you only
    disable the service, the Offline Files GUI does get updated and shows “Disabled”, but it leaves the kernel driver startup mode set to “System”. If you disable Offline Files via the Control Panel GUI, the service is disabled and the kernel driver is disabled
    as well. When Offline Files is disabled via the Control Panel GUI, you will be prompted to reboot the machine for this to take effect (so that the kernel driver can be unloaded).

    So you may want to have a glance at the GUI option. Reboot and check Services MMC as well as MSINFO32 to see if Offline files driver is still loading.

    And when you run this command, it scrolls very fast that you can't see if Access Denied/Failure occurred for certain files and folders:

    takeown /f c:\windows\csc /r /d y

    You could try:

    takeown /f c:\windows\csc /r /d y >%userprofile%\desktop\takeown.log

    And then have a peek at the log file to see if there are anything reported (other than SUCCESS entries.)
    Ramesh Srinivasan, Sep 22, 2015

Offline Files disabled itself

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