Windows 10: Offline Files GPO not working

Discus and support Offline Files GPO not working in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hey everyone, Our organization has decided to start rolling out Windows 10, so we have been working on creating some policies to manage the rollout.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by kops, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Offline Files GPO not working

    Hey everyone,

    Our organization has decided to start rolling out Windows 10, so we have been working on creating some policies to manage the rollout. I've signed up on TenForums because I have had numerous issues with imaging/deploying/managing Windows 10, and this looks like the best resource I can find. I've been able to workaround most issues but I'm stuck with this one, wondering if anyone else is experiencing it as well?

    For a long time we have been using laptops with Windows 7, and folder redirection/offline files. Essentially, we redirect the Desktop and Documents folder to a network share, and when a user logs in on a laptop it will automatically enable offline files for the redirected folders. In Windows 10 however, the folders are redirected properly, but Offline Files does not get enabled.

    I've looked around quite a bit online and found solutions for some people using Windows file servers, but that doesn't apply to us (NetApp). Any thoughts on if this GPO needs to be configured differently for 10?


  2. How can Offline Files be configured for Windows 10 via Group Policy?

    I have problems when trying to get Offline Files working on Windows 10 (1511 10586.0 and 10586.104) when configuring it via Group Policy.

    Manually configuring Offline Files works so that proves that the share is configured correctly and it can work.

    I have 2x GPOs - one computer and one user. They're pretty simple - just enabling it, setting the administratively assigned location, and setting it to sync on logon/logoff/suspend. Checking gpresult and RSOP both show that the GPOs are being applied.

    If I go to Sync Center and click 'Manage Offline Files' it shows that it is enabled. In 'Set up new sync partnership' it has 'Offline Files' and clicking it tells me to go to Explorer and right click the folder and choose' Always available offline'. In 'View
    sync partnerships' nothing is listed despite the GPO having a folder set in 'Specify administratively assigned Offline Files'.

    If I right click a folder and add it to the sync partnership I can sync it. But the GPO settings to automatically sync during logon/logoff/suspend aren't done. In Sync Centre there are options to setup a schedule - for a specific time and also for events.
    But these events differ from what is available in the GPO. The GPO has options for logon/logoff/suspend but the manually setup schedule has options for logon/idle timeout/lock/unlock.

    It looks like Windows 10 Offline Files differs from what can be configured via Group Policy. Configuring it manually is a silly thing to do when hundreds of users are requiring this - that defeats the purpose of Group Policy.

    How can Offline Files be configured for Windows 10 via Group Policy?

    Original title: Windows 10 Offline Files via Group Policy
    Steve Maunsell, Jul 28, 2016
  3. Change Offline Files in Windows 10 to "Disable offline files"

    I want to change the "Offline Files" in Windows 10 to "Disable offline files". All I have seen so far is how to disable or enable Offline Files. I can do those functions thru a GPO, etc.. but what I want to do is

    1. turn on the usability of Offline Files for the users

    2. Change the default so that Offline Files is turned off, unless the user turns it on
    Citizen316, Jul 28, 2016

Offline Files GPO not working

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