Windows 10: Oldnewfileexplorer is bugged

Discus and support Oldnewfileexplorer is bugged in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Im using 1903 [img] 145921 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by yousirneighmm2, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Oldnewfileexplorer is bugged

    Im using 1903

    Oldnewfileexplorer is bugged [​IMG]

    yousirneighmm2, Dec 8, 2019

  2. Bug with GWX translation


    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

    I suggest you to give your feedback about the bug in the feedback app.

    To do so you can follow this below steps:

    • Type “Windows Feedback” in the
      search box of Windows 10 system.

    • From the search results shown, select the option for Windows Feedback app and launch it.

    • As a mandatory step, please check the existing Windows 10 feedback reports and bug reports to make sure your identified issue or bug is not already present in them.

    • If your bug or feedback is already mentioned by someone else, you can click on the “Me too” option which informs Microsoft that even you have faced similar issue / bug.

    • In case of a new bug, feel elated that you found one and using the “New Feedback” option specify the relevant details clearly (possibly by making use of some screenshots for clarity).

    • Once you are sure that you have shared all possible details about the issue you found with some Windows 10 functionality or feature, click on the “Submit” option to share your valuable feedback
      with Microsoft.
    The above step-by-step guide on using Windows Feedback app will help you to report any new error or bug with the Microsoft Windows 10 features. Please feel free to share any bugs that you may come across and may possibly
    have reported the same using this Feedback app.

    Anil Madishetty, Dec 8, 2019
  3. 68 Bugs Listed So Far For iPhone

    The new iPhone was welcomed by most people with a feeling of joy but like all things soon after we are starting to see bugs listed around the web. So far there are 68 reproducible bugs on the list with all bugs having been confirmed on multiple iPhones.
    As it is expected many iPhone users may never uncover the same bugs since its all about the use of iPhone from each individual.
    So check the list and see if its worth buying an iPhone or not...To me 68 bugs are nothing...Lets hope the list stays at 68 *Smile Oldnewfileexplorer is bugged :)

    Source: Digg
    HellasVagabond, Dec 8, 2019
  4. Oldnewfileexplorer is bugged

    What's the difference between these two processors.

    the first one is stepping E3, the second one is stepping E6. whats stepping?

    No processor design is perfect. The first version of a new microprocessor product is the A-0 step. Later, as improvements are made to the product for functional (bug) fixes or manufacturing improvements, the stepping number will increase.

    Generally speaking, minor changes result in an increased number, (that is, A-1 to A-2) while more complex changes result in the letter being changed (that is, A-2 to B-0).

    If new steppings come out with fewer bugs you are usually not eligible to RMA for a newer processor. Most of these bugs are supposed to be worked around in the motherboard design, BIOS (drivers), and applications.

    Intel produces a detailed document called a "Specification Update" for each of their processor models that covers all of the various steppings, and lists exactly which bugs (they call them "errata") each one has and a description of the bug. For example you can download the Pentium IV specification Update from Intel at Resource & Design Center for Development with Intel
    A similar document is available for every processor they make.

    AMD uses the term "revision numbers" to refer to steppings for its Athlon and other processors. To see the errata for a given AMD processor, look up its revision guide, which lists the processor revision numbers and the errata which apply to each revision. For example, the revision guide for the AMD Athlon XP model 8 processor is available from AMD at

    what does this all mean, well you are likely to have less compatablity problems with the newer version of the processor, but as most motherboard manufactures are good with bios updates, this should not be a problem.
    cjoyce1980, Dec 8, 2019

Oldnewfileexplorer is bugged

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