Windows 10: On start up I get a blank screen and mouse but windows does not start

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  1. Brian1951 Win User

    On start up I get a blank screen and mouse but windows does not start

    I have a new Windows 10 computer which is running optimally. My old Win 10 computer not so good. I need to copy over important data from my old computer to the new one. I have some back-ups of photos, docs and music I can use. But I kept a folder of downloaded install files for important apps. This my backup system did not backup to my external backup drive.

    The problem is that I cannot get my old computer to boot to windows. It just goes from the startup BIOS screen to instead of a logon screen I get a black screen with a working mouse cursor and nothing else happens. I followed a recommendation to do a disk scan with fix. Several of my windows startup files were corrupted and disk scanner disposed of them.

    I cannot go into recovery, because those files in the recovery partition were corrupted as well. My logical deduction is that I need to replace the system start up files and restore the contents of the recovery partition.

    Here's what I did. I downloaded theWindows Media Creation Tool 1903 and created a USB windows install media. When I went to use it on the old computer and opted for "Save personal files and applications" option because I don't want to format away all my critical data, I was informed that in order to do so I would have to start windows normally. I tried doing an override by using some command line switches and was then informed that Windows would not install due to compatibility issues.

    The old computer is a Dell Inspiron and the original OEM Windows was Windows 7 and I had upgraded to Windows 10 when offered. Dell was no help because my old computer was out of warranty. I am truly perplexed as to what to do next. I don't want to pop the hood on both computers and take the drive with all my stuff from the old computer and hook it up to one of the drive connectors on the new computer and then try to use File Manager to copy the data I want to my new computer because it will void the warranty on my new computer.

    Back when it was less costly to do so I used to custom configure my own computers and used that to do mass transfers of data from the old computer to the new one I had just configured. Now it seems that it's cheaper to buy a new computer and transfer data via various transfer apps. The prerequisite for using one of those apps it two working computers that will boot to thier resident flavor of windows. I am getting the sinking feeling that I am screwed.

    That is why I am reaching out here. I train dogs for a living. While I am a bit more tech literate than the person who says " My computer's broke - fix it." I am not as expert as some of the folks who I hope are still reading this...

    So I have told you what I have done thus far. Please with your more advanced experience and knowledge provide me with some new and better options.

    I await your response.

    Thank you,


    Brian1951, Aug 9, 2019
  2. 95Viper Win User

    Black screen after 'Starting Windows' sequence

    Sounds like the old... windows black screen of death.

    Try this quoted from "VisiHow" article "Repair Windows 7 Black Screen of Death":

    They, also, have some other options there, too.
    Google search and you will find a lot of the "Windows Black Screen of Death with cursor" fixes.
    95Viper, Aug 9, 2019
  3. JaredzzC Win User
    Black screen after 'Starting Windows' sequence


    I locked my computer before I went away for a couple of days and came back to a black screen with only the mouse cursor visible.
    Every time I try to start the computer, it will go through the initial startup sequence of displaying the manufacture's logo for the motherboard and then it will say 'Starting Windows' After which point it will just display a black screen with only the mouse cursor visible.

    I can access the motherboard's features absolutely fine and the options such as safe mode, start windows normally etc are available.

    I've tried:
    Startup Repair - No problems.
    Windows Recovery Diagnostic Tool - No problems.
    Chkdsk - No problems found.
    There are no dates available for System Restore.
    It won't start in safe mode. It runs through the loading then same result as before, only the cursor visible.

    As a last attempt I cleared the CMOS, but with the same outcome as before.

    I thought it could perhaps be GPU related, but it doesn't seem so.
    I have 2 GPUs, both R9 290. They were both working absolutely fine before I left - no problems whatsoever.
    I have tried them each one by one but they produce the same result individually ( after 'starting windows' a black screen with only the mouse cursor appears).

    Specs can be found in my 'system specs' section.

    Any suggestions?
    JaredzzC, Aug 9, 2019
  4. Virus-j Win User

    On start up I get a blank screen and mouse but windows does not start

    PC wont Start Black Screen (keyboard,mouse issue)

    Ok.. after reading some of the replys, Some of this has gotten mixed up. So il Sum everything up.

    Ok firstly I have Two Pc's One of which i have listed Under my name is System Specs which is Running Windows 7 and My other Pc which is Windows Xp which is the one with the problem Specs are Below.

    AMD 245 2.9Ghz
    4GB Team Elite 2x2Gb
    Asrock N68-s Mobo
    160Gb Hard Drive
    550w CIT PSU

    Ok For some Reason my Pc Refuses to Start up with a Keyboard and mouse in the Usb port All i get is a black Screen and so far the only way to get the pc in is if i keep Press ANy key on the keyboard and keep clicking on the mouse But this does not always work. I have tried A loads of Different Keyboards Mouses Etc... But none of which Seem to Work.

    i have Tried all the Suggestions Given to me wont list them as there are loads now...Lol
    However one of the Suggestions Did kinda work which was to Connect my Keyboard mouse Using a Ps/2 adapter which Seems to be working ok But not fully sometimes it dont want to start up again say 2/10.

    Yesterday i Went to a Friend of mine who is Pc Engineer and we connected it up Using His Psu and His microsoft keyboard and Mouse which worked Fine the problem was gone. Please note we done a bench Test Leaving only His Hard drive Connected to the board, He is also running windows Xp Pro ... Thought it Be best to Use Same OS.

    But as soon as i Took it Home and tried it again thinking it was ok... I was wrong.

    @Scaminatrix : Board was Bought Brand New was in my Windows 7 Rig for a week then i decided to Upgrade My Cpu and Mobo. So I stuck my Old Board and Cpu in this pc (One with the problem)

    @Aleksander : Yh Saw the post about this Board. No Doesent have CPU Unlock, USb is enabled in Bios. Erm I have Tried loads of Different Keyboards and Mouses, Trust ,Microsoft, Sumvision about 6 different keyboards mouses i own and about 4 i borrowed from some Friends and the only one that worked was the engineers Microsoft Keyboard and mouse.

    @jakeman97 : The Pc In My Specs is My Main Rig (One Running W7) and the one with the problem is my Second Rig which is Running windows Xp and is only really Used for Video Editing and the Ocational Game with a m8t ...Lol

    Finger hurt now from typing...LOl
    Virus-j, Aug 9, 2019

On start up I get a blank screen and mouse but windows does not start

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