Windows 10: One note notes disappeared

Discus and support One note notes disappeared in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; All of a sudden my One note notes are gone. When I access One note ny notebook "Allan's Notebook" is there. When I click on it the contents image... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by AllanP, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. AllanP Win User

    One note notes disappeared

    All of a sudden my One note notes are gone. When I access One note ny notebook "Allan's Notebook" is there. When I click on it the contents image appears ever so briefly and disappears. I had a lot if important notes in it. The backup folder in One drive shows nothing. All I have done (Microsoft wise) is incorporate One drive into Linux. The fact that I can see them briefly 1/10 of a second' shows they are bouncing around in cyberspace somewhere. I just checked my Android One note app and the notes all appeared for about 10 seconds and poof gone.

    AllanP, Nov 11, 2019

  2. Sticky Note Missing

    Hi KeithRawlings,

    I'm Charles, an Independent advisor trying to help.

    Let's see if with the following steps we can solve the problem:

    1.- Open >> Sticky notes, when located on the taskbar (Right click on the option) >> Select: List of Notes, now check if your note is in that list.

    2.- Follow the steps suggested by the Windows MVP in your article

    I hope the steps work for you

    Attentive to any comments

    Have a happy day

    Best Regards,

    CharlesJones32, Nov 11, 2019
  3. Sticky Note Error?


    To further help you with your concern about the sticky note, we suggest using System File Checking in Windows 10. Kindly follow the steps below:

    • Right-click (or press and hold) the Start button, then select Command Prompt (Admin)
    • Enter sfc /scannow (note the space between "sfc" and "/").

    Let us know how it goes.
    Wilfred Mac, Nov 11, 2019
  4. JL Mohr Win User

    One note notes disappeared

    Sticky Notes: Individual notes disappearing from desktop after random time

    This particular issue is driving me batty!

    I put a sticky note on my desktop, then after a random period of time, sometimes days, sometimes weeks, the note randomly disappears from my desktop on start up. If I open the main list, it is still there, so I can get it back, but I shouldn't have to go
    through that step in the first place.

    I have only been having this issue since running a Sticky Notes upgrade to Sticky Notes 3.

    I use Sticky Notes for motivational notes from the month; however, I'll be lucky if the note is still visible on the desktop for a week (two at most). I also use them to give myself goals for the month (or quarterly), but with the disappearing notes from
    the desktop itself, these notes don't provide the motivation or the checklist like they should.

    As I said above, if I open the main list, they are still there, so I can recover them, but I shouldn't need to do that. Once I add a sticky note to my desktop, it should stay there until I tell it to go-away.

    Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

    In addition, ever since running the upgrade, multiple taskbar icons appear for each Sticky Note open on my desktop. The previous version put only a single icon there.

    I am running Sticky Notes on Windows 10 Home OS Build 18362.239
    JL Mohr, Nov 11, 2019

One note notes disappeared

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