Windows 10: OneDrive Doesn't Open on Start-up and Doesn't Save Changes

Discus and support OneDrive Doesn't Open on Start-up and Doesn't Save Changes in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; OneDrive doesn't start when I turn on my computer - I have to open it manually. I go to this site:... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Golfer2081, Aug 1, 2020 at 11:12 AM.

  1. OneDrive Doesn't Open on Start-up and Doesn't Save Changes

    OneDrive doesn't start when I turn on my computer - I have to open it manually. I go to this site: and click on "start onedrive".

    If I open a file in one drive double click it autosave is not on. If I turn on auto save, I get a message to save the file to OneDrive personal. I then double click on the OneDrive Personal area of that message and I am told that copy is being saved. I then make changes and close the file. If I then re-open the file from its original location, , the changes do no appear and auto save is off. The file is being saved, but to a different location on OneDrive to Documents. However, if I open the file saved to the different location, the changes have been saved, but auto save is not on.

    So three problems:

    1. OneDrive doesn't start when I open Windows.
    2. A file that is changed is saved to a different location than its original location in OneDrive.
    3. Even after opening the file that has been saved to the wrong location, auto-save is turned off.

  2. pepanee Win User

    msconfig doesn't save changes

    Dang. Well, if you haven't already done so, search on a search engine (such as Bing) for your issue for more suggestions that you can find. I searched for:

    msconfig doesn't save changes

    and gave you that link. Hopefully you can try other suggestions that were attempted by others. There's a bunch of results that you will find, so hopefully that variety of results will have something useful.
  3. robocop Win User
    OneDrive Can't Save Your Changes


    I've recently started using OneDrive to hold some small, simple Excel files. I access these files from a couple of PCs and mobile devices. Each time I finish using the Excel file I close it as one should. At some point later I attempt to open/edit/save the Excel file & far too frequently I encounter the following error:

    Can't Save Your Changes
    Your file wasn't saved because we couldn't merge your changes with changes from someone else.
    Click button options: Save a Copy or Discard My Changes

    Since I'm the only one using these files, and I'm confident I close and save them appropriately, I don't understand why I frequently get these messages. It's not every time, but it is far too often. I'm then forced to save the newly edited file with a different filename, and then delete my original and rename the newly edited. It's painfully annoying!

    Clearly I'm doing something wrong/one of my settings is wrong/ or something peculiar is happening. Any suggestions please?

    I'm using
    2 x Win10 PCs
    1 x iPad
    1 x Android phone

    Thank you

    - - - Updated - - -

    I just made a change to an 80kb text only Excel file. I watched the OneDrive icon on the task bar (bottom right by clock), it took about 120 seconds until it was up-to-date. I know this doesn't always happen. My internet is up to 100mbps, I'm streaming while this is happening, so internet is live and fast. Why the heck is onedrive taking 2 mins to sync an 80kb file???
  4. elias95 Win User

    OneDrive Doesn't Open on Start-up and Doesn't Save Changes

    Start menu doesn't open

    Hello Deepika Gowda,

    Thank you kindly for your support. I have followed the steps and after a while it did open the start menu again but IE is still gone, however if I turn of my laptop the start menu doesn't open anymore.

    Do I have to follow these steps every single time when I try to sign in? It is really inconvenience to do so, also making another account doesn't work. The page keeps freezing when I try to..


OneDrive Doesn't Open on Start-up and Doesn't Save Changes

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