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Discus and support onedrive icon in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; anyone know how to get the one drive icon to disappear, i have circled the icon in red in the screenshot below Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by avichihi1, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. avichihi1 New Member

    onedrive icon

    anyone know how to get the one drive icon to disappear, i have circled the icon in red in the screenshot below
    avichihi1, Jul 9, 2018
  2. Navneet Anand Win User

    OneDrive folder icon changed to plain


    Thank you for replying.

    I understand your concern and suggest you to Unlink OneDrive and run OneDrive setup
    again and check. Here is the steps:

    • Right-click the white OneDrive cloud icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar.

      onedrive icon ce960e20-2ea4-4298-8ec8-8399b1b20e20.png

      (You might need to click the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area to see the
      OneDrive icon.)

    • Click Settings, and then click Unlink.

    • Follow the steps in the Welcome to OneDrive wizard to set up OneDrive.
    Do notify us if the issue still persists and we'll be glad to help.
    Navneet Anand, Jul 9, 2018
  3. Marielle Cas Win User
    OneDrive Icon

    Thank you for your response. To move the OneDrive icon, you can follow the steps below:

    • Click Start button, then select Settings.
    • Go to Personalization.
    • On Perosonalization, click Taskbar.
    • Under Notification area, click Select which icons appear on the taskbar.
    • Turn off Microsoft OneDrive.
    We will wait for the outcome.
    Marielle Cas, Jul 9, 2018
  4. FordGT90Concept Win User

    onedrive icon

    Windows 10 - OneDrive

    Right click on the app and one of the properties has an option to not automatically start it. Uncheck, restart the computer, and it should stop. If you want to go another step further, find the OneDrive app in the start menu, right click on it and uninstall.

    If that is still insufficient, there is a batch uninstaller for OneDrive available online. I can copy the code here if you need it.
    FordGT90Concept, Jul 9, 2018

onedrive icon

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