Windows 10: oulook - whatis SSL?

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  1. oulook - whatis SSL?

    oulook - what is SSL?

    Hansvan Beest, May 24, 2020
  2. Naresh_K Win User

    SSL Error preventing connection in Windows 10 - Potential Culprit Malwarebytes?


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    Yes, third party applications can block port #443 which is a port number for the secure version of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) used to access web pages. I would suggest you uninstall Malwarebytes as you already have Avast
    security and Windows defender which comes with Windows 10 to keep your computer safe.

    If you are still not able to access the secure (https) websites, then follow the steps mentioned below:

    Method 1: Check if SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are enabled

    1. Open Internet explorer (IE) and then click on tools menu.
    2. Then go to Internet option.
    3. Then go to Advance tab and click make sure Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 are checked.
    4. Click on apply and then OK.

    Method 2: Check the secure sockets layers (SSL) slate.

    1. Open Internet explorer (IE) and then click on tools menu.
    2. Then go to Internet option.
    3. Then go to Content tab and click on Clear SSL State.
    4. Click on Apply and then OK.

    Method 3: Reset Security settings under trusted sites zones in internet explorer.

    1. Open Internet Explorer (IE) and then click on tools menu.
    2. Then go to Internet Options.
    3. Go to Security tab and click on trusted sites. Then click on reset all zones to default level.

    Method 4:
    Follow the steps mentioned in the article:
    Fix network connection issues in Windows

    Hope it helps.

    Let us know if you got the help you needed by clicking Yes or No.
    Naresh_K, May 24, 2020
  3. N8 sync with MS Outlook Calendar

    mckee...thx for the tip and steps listed...worked perfectly. i now sync my calendar with oulook in seconds!
    lescalante, May 24, 2020
  4. 95Viper Win User

    oulook - whatis SSL?

    Hacked SSL news 19Sept2011

    FordGT90Concept, try this: SSL Server Test

    Test of Chase logon site:

    *Smile oulook - whatis SSL? :)
    95Viper, May 24, 2020

oulook - whatis SSL?

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