Windows 10: Outlook 2013 freezing

Discus and support Outlook 2013 freezing in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; Hi I run two computers one a pc and one a laptop both running windows 10 with the latest updates so both on the same version. I also use office 2013... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by sam02, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. sam02 Win User

    Outlook 2013 freezing

    Hi I run two computers one a pc and one a laptop both running windows 10 with the latest updates so both on the same version. I also use office 2013 (32 bit)on both computes

    My problem is if I launch outlook 2013 (Part of the office 2013) on the pc it runs just fine but on the laptop when I start outlook 9 times out of 10 it freezes after just after it starts.

    When I took in task manager it says outlook is suspended

    As far as I know they both run the same add-ons I have searched the web with no real solution.

    Help please

    sam02, Jan 29, 2019
  2. Try3 Win User

    the link image are not displayed in outlook 2013

    In Outlook 2007 this behaviour is set by default but can be changed. Perhaps it is the same with Outlook 2013.

    • In Outlook 2007 this behaviour can be unset at Tools, Trust centre, Automatic download.
    • In Outlook 2016 this behaviour can be unset at Outlook options, Trust centre, Automatic download.
    • In Outlook 2013 I would expect the relevant setting to be in a similar location to one of these, probably close to that of Outlook 2016.

  3. puma99dk| Win User
    Help Finding Specific versions of Outlook 2013

    i have a customer running Zarafa and then recently upgrade from Windows XP 64bit to Windows 7 Professional 64bit and with that they also wanted Office 2013 Home and Business with that, it turns out that the email system they run called Zarafa needs a specfic version of Outlook 2013 to run, not "Click-to-Run" versions and the only versions i got and can find so far is the newest version, where i can't get the Contacts to show up in the "Address Book" but they are under "People" in Outlook 2013 which isn't good enough they wanted everything to work.

    Versions i need is:

    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4481.1003
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4481.1508
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4505.1002
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4517.1003, since 7.1.5-42115
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4517.1509
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4535.1006, since 7.1.7-42779
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4535.1508
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4551.1004
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4551.1511
    Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4569.1503 since 7.1.8-44068

    these are the versions that Zarafa says are "officially supported" -

    i hope you can help me find one of the versions so i can get this to work.
    puma99dk|, Jan 29, 2019
  4. robgr Win User

    Outlook 2013 freezing

    Default Applications - Can't select Outlook 2013

    I have Office 2016 but have to use Outlook 2013 due to Exchange limitations for my corporate email account
    All works well except when choosing default applications the list only has Outlook 2016
    This is a problem as I want to configure the MAILTO (URL:MailTo) protocol to Outlook 2013 (the version I use)
    I can't have both versions running together so how can I edit the list/select Outlook 2013 when choosing the default apps for email/MAILTO?
    robgr, Jan 29, 2019

Outlook 2013 freezing

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