Windows 10: Outlook 2016/2019 -- search broken

Discus and support Outlook 2016/2019 -- search broken in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; Hi folks any ideas how to fix the search function in Ms office Outlook -- seems to have gone a bit bonkers after the latest Windows (not Office)... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by jimbo45, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. jimbo45 Win User

    Outlook 2016/2019 -- search broken

    Hi folks

    any ideas how to fix the search function in Ms office Outlook -- seems to have gone a bit bonkers after the latest Windows (not Office) updates -- works fine if i restore to windows before last update -- (latest build)

    repair office and re-build indexes doen't fix problem.

    Note -- This is NOT the standard search in Windows BUT the search within Outlook -- e.g say you want to search your inbox for "football" -- then all the emails containing word football will come up with the word football on a yellow background) -- after latest update just returns "no results found"


    jimbo45, Nov 3, 2019
  2. jimbo45 Win User

    Adjusting font size in Outlook folder list (2016/2019)

    Hi folks
    Is there a way to get this screen in Outlook 2016/2019.

    Here in Outlook 2010 you can easily adjust the font size and type in the folder list (navigation pane) and other things which makes it much more readable on a large monitor - sometimes default fonts are too tiny - especially when viewed on large screens !!

    Outlook 2016/2019 -- search broken [​IMG]

    I can't seem to get to similar screens in Outlook 2016/2019.
    In Some places you can't set size either - you just get choice of small, large, larger !!!!!!! definitely a retrograde step IMO.

    jimbo45, Nov 3, 2019
  3. DavePenn Win User
    Windows 10/Outlook 2016 Search Index Broken

    I have a user who can no longer use the search function in outlook 2016. It doesn't give an error, it just wont return results.

    After extensive googling, I have found and tried the following solutions to no avail.

    1. Rebuild windows search index
    2. Delete windows.edb file and rebuild search index
    3. Remove outlook from the search index, reboot and add it again
    4. Full repair of outlook
    5. Scanpst to fix corrupted PST files (they weren't corrupted)

    I have loaded the PST files into my outlook and I can search them, and there is no issues with any other computers in the office, so it is computer specific and not related to the PST file.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions short of a full reinstall of windows? I am literally banging my head on the desk...


    After more tinkering, I removed Outlook from the Search Index and tried searching for emails within outlook, and it worked... just really slowly. When I added Outlook back into the search index, it stopped working.

    Also, searching is working for local drives, just not Outlook
    DavePenn, Nov 3, 2019
  4. Outlook 2016/2019 -- search broken

    Group Email In Outlook 2016? Need Help!

    The screen shot looks like that's where she would CREATE a new group. What is on the "Send/Receive" tab?

    Check this site out...

    How to Create Custom Groups in Outlook 2016 | Laptop Mag

    After step 7, it tells you how to send to a group.
    nolafotoknut, Nov 3, 2019

Outlook 2016/2019 -- search broken

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