Windows 10: Outlook 365 problem

Discus and support Outlook 365 problem in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; Hoping someone can help but not expecting it. Background. I had a perfectly working Exchange server with Outlook 365 connected to it working... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by veldthui, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. veldthui Win User

    Outlook 365 problem

    Hoping someone can help but not expecting it.

    Background. I had a perfectly working Exchange server with Outlook 365 connected to it working perfectly. Sometimes when my DNS server went down for updates Outlook could not connect because it could not find the internal name and would find my external name. It would try and fail at this and then it would go to and connect with that. From then on everytime I would use Outlook would get a message that mailbox had been temporary moved. Only way to fix was to delete the profile and start again.

    So I put a in my hosts file to to stop this and it worked.

    Two days ago had the same thing but it still managed to get to somehow and cock up my profile. Deleted it and now when I try and create the profile I get an error that the name cannot be matched to name in address list.
    Googled this and all the answers point to exchange being the issue and I spent hours finding out why with no success. My iPhone and iPad both connect to exchange fine, OWA works fine so nothing appears wrong with the actual mailbox. They say autodiscover is the issue.

    However last night I tried it from my Windows 7 machine with Office 2013 installed and Outlook 2013 went through the wizard and connected with the mailbox fine.

    Clearly this is an Office/Outlook 365 issue but just what the issue is and how do I reconnect the profile?

    Also how did Outlook manage to get past the hosts file and connect to again?

    Any help at all welcomed.

    veldthui, Dec 30, 2018
  2. =djStu= Win User

    Problems syncing email with Outlook 365 and with Windows Phone

    I use my email in three ways:

    • via the Web in IE10
    • via Outlook 365 on Windows 7 laptop
    • via Windows Phone 8 on Lumia 920.
    I am experiencing problems syncing with Outlook 365 on Win7 AND with Windows Phone 8 on Lumia 920.

    The longer I leave a message in my Inbox, the more copies of that messge will appear duplicated in Outlook 365 on my Win7 laptop. Someone suggested deleting my account from Outlook 365 and then re-adding the account, which actually solved this
    problem for a couple of months. Now the problem has returned: multiple duplicates of the same message in my Outlook 365 Inbox. Am I forced to go through this arduous process eveytime this problem happens?

    Also, there are some messages that, when deleted using any of three ways listed at the top of this message, will remain in my Windows Phone 8 Inbox. I will repeatedly delete them and these few messages always return to my Windows Phone 8 Inbox.

    Please note that when using Outlook 365 or Windows Phone 8, I have no problems syncing with my other two email accounts, which are not Microsoft accounts.

    Will someone PLEASE help me fix my two sync problems of my Microsoft account with the Microsoft software and Microsoft hardware?

    Thank you very much for your time and help.
    =djStu=, Dec 30, 2018
  3. f14tomcat Win User
    Outlook 365 - adding new account problem

    The marvels of modern computing! *Wink*Zip Now, you may want to go back and fix post #5, as Ken suggested.
    f14tomcat, Dec 30, 2018
  4. Outlook 365 problem

    Outlook 365 - adding new account problem

    Hi steveatootac. Welcome to the TenForums @steveatootac

    Don't think I would call this a repair but more an edit.

    Click on File, upper left, account settings, account setting. A window should open with your accounts listed. Double click on the account you want to edit, then more settings lower right. The is a tab Outgoing Servers

    These are the steps in Outlook 2013 and I don't think much has change to Outlook 2016.

    Caledon Ken, Dec 30, 2018

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